New Barley Mow Woods concerns

Small update 25/4/13:

Dialogue is underway regarding the possibility of two dwellings on the site. I emphasize possibility as there is a blanket TPO on the site, it’s within the greenbelt and is woodland area all of which make planning permission very difficult. Let’s hope WBC do the right thing.


Late last year we reported on the intended sale of part of the woods that were not owned by the Woodlands Trust. The land was scheduled to be auctioned but a sale was agreed outside the auction room.

The land in question is at the corner of land at the junction of Barley Mow Lane and Chobham Road, close to two listed buildings. Although the whole of the woods are covered by a tree protection order one is worried that this may not be sufficient to prevent a determined developer to try and build on the land. It would be more helpful if the County made the woods part of a conservation area.

Unconfirmed reports are being received that the new owner is examining their options on the use of this land. The KRA will monitor developments but we need the assistance of residents who either live in that part of the village or walk through the woods. Keep your eyes and ears open, if you hear or see anything give us a call.


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