Committee meeting minutes May 2013

Attendees: – John Butler (chairman), Debbie Harlow, Rachel Carney,

Andy Hills, Tony Hayes-Allen, Neville Hinks, Antony Polak, Phil Stubbs.


Apologies: – Ann Mason, Martin Dunham.


  1. Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on 17 April were approved and agreed for publication.


  1. Matters Arising

All action points are covered by the agenda items and will be covered under their own heading.


  1. Projects
    1. Village Show

Plans progressing.


  1. AGM Feedback

John felt that although the number of members attending was small (25) there was a good dialogue with those who attended. The recent village meeting was raised and members stated that it had been welcomed and interesting. Members asked for this to become a regular event.


Debbie suggested that we should consider a village meeting later in the year.


It was agreed that for a village meeting to be successful there has to be a topic or issue that has the interest of residents.


Returning to the AGM and next year’s event, it was agreed that we should not just hold a business meeting but link it to a presentation.


It was agreed to carry this forward for debate after village show.


  1. Brookwood Farm

The formal decision notice and S106 Agreement had been signed off by WBC and Cala Homes and therefore work could commence. The decision notice and S106 are long complex documents and Phil will report at a future meeting.


Phil reported that he had been unable to obtain confirmation that the study of the A322 had been approved by the SCC Cabinet member for Transport.


Planning Issues

Separate report circulated at the meeting.


On the subject of Neighbourhood Planning it was agreed that at the next KRA open surgery we should facilitate a meeting on neighbourhood planning.


Action point

Phil to design suitable advertising for next open surgery to be designed and circulated.


8. Membership Secretary Report

Nothing new to report


9. Chairman’s Report

John reported on the meeting with Planning Managers, this was a general meeting organised for Residents’ Associations to a general discussion on planning.


10. Treasurer’s Report

Accounts being audited.


11. Secretary’s Report

Nothing new to report.


12. Editor’s Report

Andy reported that he was working on the next edition and that this should be published in early June. Andy would welcome any complete articles.


14. Date of next meetings

19th June 2013 Meeting to be held at Kings House Coffee Shop at 7.45pm

31st July 2013. Meeting to be held at Garibaldi starting at 7.45pm


Meeting closed

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