Knaphill Planning Update – 1 October 2013


Surrey County Council submitted detailed plans for the new school on Brookwood Farm and the associated new bridge to cross the Basingstoke Canal. (PLAN/2013/0856 and PLAN/2013 /0864)



Discharge of conditions 18 and 25 of PLAN/2011/0160

Sainsbury’s Redding Way, Knaphill

We have received a notification letter from WBC with reference to Sainsbury’s plans to discharge planning conditions 18 and 25 these conditions have to do with extractor fans and other technical issues. In the letter from Sainsbury’s agents there is a request for additional plant equipment and this includes equipment required in conjunction with the proposed dentistry concession unit. This is of interest because when Sainsbury’s were given planning permission for their extension the Council included planning condition 9. This reads;

No part of the total floor space of the store shall be used for separate concessions including key cuttings/shoe repair, hairdressers, banking, photo developing studios, opticians, dry cleaners or any other concession, with the exception of ‘Explore and Learn’ unless where otherwise agreed in writing by the Local Planning Authority.


New primary school on land at Brookwood Farm, Coresbrook Way, Knaphill

When plans to build 297 new dwellings on Brookwood Farm Surrey County Council also received outline planning permission for a new school. This application contains more details of the actual building and the landscaping around the school. The new school, which will be linked to Brookwood School, will accommodate 8 key stage two classes, (240 pupils). One of the main concerns remains the impact the new school will have on the traffic on the A322, Bagshot Road. The new building will be behind the Telephone Exchange.


New footpath and canal bridge.

To link the new school building to the school on Connaught Road Surrey County Council plan for a new bridge to cross the canal, at the rear of the Connaught Road school, to a footpath that will go across the Country Park to the new school building on Brookwood Farm.



Demolition of a former library building and redevelopment with 9 residential units comprising of

3 X 2B3P flats and 6 X 1B2P flats and memorial garden. 20 High Street, Knaphill

Since the initial plans were published there has been a change. The building has been increased in size to accommodate a 3 bedroom flat suitable for 5 people. This change reduces the number of 1 bedroom flats from 6 to 5. More detail on this proposed building can be found elsewhere on the KRA web site. Two key points, there is no dedicated parking and the private amenity space at the rear of the proposed building does not meet the Council’s own guidelines.

The KRA has submitted a letter of objection.


Convert a block of offices into 8 one bedroom flats

Highclare House, 5 High Street, Knaphill

A planning application has been submitted to convert Highclare House from offices into flats, this is the building next to Head Hunters, the hairdressers.  At the time of writing this report no details of the proposed conversion had been made available.


Variation of condition 6 to PLAN/1985/0686, Total (now ESSO) petrol station, 23 High Street.

Currently the petrol station and associated shop have opening hours of 07.00 to 23.00 hrs. The application was to be allowed to open from 06.00 to midnight.

In July the Planning Committee rejected this application but the owners have now lodged an appeal.

Appeal reference APP/A3655/A/13/2203626


Proposed demolition of existing outbuilding and replacement with a detached 3 bedroom dwelling.

22A High Street, Knaphill

This is the site at the rear of the take-away and the old library.

The application was rejected by the Planning Officer, delegated responsibility, however the owners have appealed the decision and we must await the decision of a Planning Inspector.

Architects on behalf of the developer has pointed out to the Planning Inspector, in their final comments, that  the Local Council did not refer to any parking or highways issues in the notice of rejection of the original application. Unfortunately that is a true statement, yet another example of the County’s Highway Authority ignore the actual facts on parking in Knaphill.

Appeal reference APP/A3655/A/13/2199725


Erection of a two bedroom detached dwelling in the grounds of 48 Lower Guildford Road.

Pending a decision.


Retrospective application for 2 fascia signs on the southern elevation of site.

This refers to the new signage especially those on the wall of the shop facing the High Street. The main objection is to the large banner advertising the fact that they shop is open late for the sale of beer and wine.

The application has been approved.


Demolition of existing dwelling and outbuildings and erection of 4, 4 bedroom houses with garages, access, parking, bin storage, landscaping.

41 Highclere Road

The address 41 Highclere Road is misleading. The current bungalow that the developer wants to demolish cannot be seen from Highclere Road. All you see from Highclere Road is the long drive. The developer wants the access to the proposed 4 new houses to be from Lane End Drive.

This application has generated a lot of interest and the KRA has submitted a detailed objection.

The application is still under consideration by the Planning Office and Cllr. Saj Hussain has written to the Planning Manager asking for this application to be presented to the Planning Committee.


Change of use from A1/A2 (retail or office) to A3 restaurant and café and A5 hot food takeaway including internal alterations and installation of new filtered extract system.

8, Anchor Crescent, Knaphill

These are the premises last used by Garrett, solicitors.

Do we need another food outlet?

The KRA has submitted a letter of objection.


If you have any questions or points on the above please feel free to contact the KRA.

Phil Stubbs

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