Committee meeting minutes August 2013

Attendees: –    John Butler (chairman), Rachel Carney, Debbie Harlow, Andy Hills,

Martin Dunham, Tony Hayes-Allen, Antony Polak, Phil Stubbs.

Apologies: –     Ann Mason

  1. Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on 19 June were approved and agreed for publication.

  1. Matters Arising

Phil reported that on item 4, 31-33 Broadway, the Development Manager had responded to the KRA’s letter but stood by the decision of the Planning Manager. The Development Manager did agree to visit Knaphill and meet with Ward Councillors and KRA. The application from the owners of the Esso Petrol Station for longer trading hours was rejected by the Planning Committee. Finally under item 8, Brookwood School, as yet no detailed planning application has been published. Given the imminent closure of the Meadows hospital there are unconfirmed reports that this site may seen as a potential site for the school.

  1. Projects

3.1  Village Show

John opened this item suggesting that for this meeting the committee should consider the long term future of the village show. The first point to report was that Martin had informed the chairman that he was standing down as village show chairman. The Committee thanked Martin for all the work he had done for the village show since its conception several years ago.

Moving forward John put forward three options on the management of future shows.

Option one: – No change, the show committee remains a sub-committee of the KRA Committee and the KRA will invite non-members to join the Committee as and when required.

Option two: – The Village Show is totally separated from the KRA and a fully independent organisation is created with its own constitution, bank account, etc. Once such an organisation has been formed then the KRA would hand over total responsibility.

Option three: – Introduce a degree of independence whilst overall responsibility and the name of the show remains with the KRA. Those interested in the village show be they KRA members or not fill the necessary posts of chairman, secretary and other positions of responsibility. The KRA would remain with control of the finances and would be principal account holder.

In looking at the options John briefly took the meeting through the finances of the show. In year one the village show made a good profit however that year the KRA received a grant from WBC and a sum from the main sponsors, Seymours. Years 2 and 3 made small profits and again this was in part thanks to the sponsorship. Year 4, this year, sponsorship was lower and the show will record a loss. The KRA does not set out to make a profit from the village show but it should not run at a loss and therefore future sponsorship is essential.

Following a good discussion there was a unanimous vote in favour of option 3.

Action point: – Andy and Debbie to contact those outside the KRA Committee who have shown an interest in being involved in next year’s show and others with the intent of coming forward with proposed names for key appointments by Christmas.

Returning to this year’s show, it was agreed that we should combine the wash up session with an invitation for new people to meet the KRA Committee. This event will be held on 24 September starting at 6.30pm in the marquee at the Garibaldi. There will be a finger buffet.

Action point: – Andy to publicise this event.

 3.2  Christmas Lights

Phil reported that he had met with Erica to look at lights and Christmas 2013. Following this meeting the proposal to this Committee is that we place Christmas trees in all the holders we used last year except the one at the Chicago Grill as they did not plug in the lights. There was also an issue with the tree lights above the Crown Dry Cleaners and Phil will contact Steve at RSM about this one. It was also recommended that we approach Seymours and Stef’s Café to see if brackets could be fixed on these premises. A standing tree would be erected in the car park of the Anchor with the plan to move this to the Memorial Garden once that this has been built. There was also a suggestion that a tree could be mounted on the flat roof of the newsagents at the corner of Broadway and Queens Road but this was rejected by the Committee. The proposal was accepted.

Action points: – Erica with Phil’s assistance will make contact with all shop owners/ managers to see if they are in agreement with the plans and seek donations towards the costs.

  1. Planning Issues

At the last meeting it had been agreed to call a village meeting to discuss neighbourhood planning however the meeting was not called given the uncertainty of the Kings House Coffee Shop. Before organising a new meeting Phil thought it appropriate to extend the subject range of the meeting. Neighbourhood Planning was a proposal included in the Localism Act with the intent of giving local people greater say in planning in their neighbourhood. The legislation refers to Neighbourhood Planning forming part of the structure that formulates the Local Plan but in Woking the Local Plan has been agreed and implemented. A Neighbourhood Plan cannot change the strategic policies of the Local Plan and therefore a Neighbourhood Plan in Knaphill will, in Phil’s opinion, have limited scope.

Development Delivery, Development Plan Document. This is a project that Woking BC have launched to identify land that could be available for long term development. This project will include redefining the boundary of the Green Belt. This project comes under the Core Strategy and therefore the powers of local people through a Neighbourhood Plan will be limited.  There is also a new form of payment that developers will have to make to Council’s once planning approval is granted. This new payment is called Community Infrastructure Levy. The levy is fixed b the local council and varies depending on the type of development. Phil pointed out to the Committee that there are substantial differences in the level of the levy between Councils. For example if someone builds a 250sq m dwelling Woking will charge £31,250 whereas Surrey Heath plan to charge £62,500. It was agreed that the KRA should facilitate a village meeting for residents to discuss these items and the Vyne was suggested as the most suitable venue.

Action points: – Phil to make contact with manager at the Vyne to see if they could accommodate such a meeting.

4.1. Specific planning applications

Phil had circulated a list of current planning applications prior to the meeting. Phil added that earlier in the day he had received notice of a new planning application for the demolition of the old library and the erection of a block of apartments, no details had yet been made public.

4.2. Other planning issues

WBC had published a notice of application for a new premises licence. The application was for 10 Creswell Corner. The owner wanted a licence to sell alcohol from 06.00 to midnight seven days a week. Surrey CC had published a notice to formulise the prohibition of motor vehicles from Barley Mow Lane except for access.

  1. Tour of Britain

Phil reported that the Tour of Britain cycle race was scheduled to come through Knaphill on 21st September. This is stage 7 of the race and the riders will come from Chobham via Chobham Road cross the Garibaldi crossroads, then down to Bagshot Road and down to Cemetery Pales and the cyclists head towards Guildford.

Phil reported that he is working with Cllr Hussain and Surrey Estates to plan a party on the Garibaldi green. To help prepare the area for the event Phil suggested a working party to cut back the brambles as the green goes towards Chobham. Volunteers with petrol driven shears are needed. It was agreed to seek volunteers for a working party on Saturday 14 September meeting at 2.00pm.

Action points: – All, working party 14 September. 

  1. Community Funding

WBC has launched their community grant scheme and the objective is to make sure that local organisations are aware of the scheme and the availability of funding.

  1. Membership update

Ann had informed John that there had been 7 new members since the last meeting.

  1. Chairman’s Report

John had nothing to report.

  1. Treasurer’s Report

John reported that the balance in the bank remained healthy. Income from membership was around £900 per annum. The KRA magazine continued to run at a loss due to lack of advertisements. The costs had been reduced with the use of volunteers to deliver the magazine.

  1. Secretary’s Report

Phil reported that he had received the schools intake figures for academic year starting in September 2013. For the first time in several years the five local primary schools did not have more 1st preference bids than the school had places. Knaphill Lower School that has always been popular received 90 1st preferences and had 90 places.

Sergeant Lee had arranged for Phil to visit the CCTV control centre to see the quality of picture that were produced from the camera’s in Knaphill. He reported that the clarity was very good and night pictures would improve with improved street lighting.

Phil had a number of dates for the diaries.

14 September – Village walk organised by Mel Foster. Meeting at village noticeboard at 10.45am.

18 September – Police Panel meeting, Stef’s café (former Kings House). The meeting starts at 7.00pm and it is an opportunity to hear from the police on recent activities in and around the village. Phil hopes that these meetings could get a better attendance.

21 September – Cycle race through village.

  1. Editor’s update

Andy reported that he was busy working on the next edition of the KRA magazine, he reported that he was having difficulty in attracting advertisement. Andy had found a volunteer to assist with the Web site, Ben Cheetham.

  1. Any other business

Antony suggested a litter picking morning early in November. It was agreed to add this to the next meeting’s agenda.

  1. Date of next meeting

9th October                  Stef’s café 7.45 pm

13th November            Garibaldi 7.45pm

Meeting closed

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