Planning update 27/11/13

New planning decisions

Woking Borough Council’s Planning Committee reject the planning application to build four houses on land between Highclere Road and Lane End Drive. The address of the current bungalow on this land is given as 41 Highclere Road. The Planning Committee rejected a proposal to add poor access to the reasons for rejection. (PLAN/2013/0632)

A Planning Officer, under delegated powers, has rejected a planning application to build a large house in the rear garden of Wendover on Bagshot Road. Entrance to the proposed property was to be in Ivydene. (PLAN/2013/0778)

A Planning Officer, under delegated powers has granted the prior approval required by the owners of Highclere House, 5 High Street to convert the office block into 8 flats. (PLAN/2013/0974)

New planning applications

PLAN/2013/1121, 1122, 1123, 1124 & 1125
Tesco’s, 15 High Street, Knaphill

A group of new planning applications have been submitted in connection with the new Tesco’s that is being built at 15 High Street, formerly Cliftons.

The planning applications deal with a request to change the agreed shop front to include a number of the standard Tesco glazed shot front pictures, the installation of an ATM, the installation of 2 condensers on the roof, installation of 6 bollards in front of ATM and shop front, consent for the installation of two internally illuminated signs and internally illuminated project sign.

The majority of the above were to be expected, i.e. to make the shop look like Tesco’s but one would question the need for an ATM as there is an ATM in the petrol station that is just in front of the new shop. With reference to the plant that Tesco’s want to place on the roof the KRA are still evaluating the noise report that is published with the planning request.

Tesco’s, 15 High Street, Knaphill

This application is to confirm the shop opening times. These times were secured by the developer before Tesco’s name was added and although the Planning Committee had not agreed with the times the developer gained permission from a Planning Inspector on appeal.

The shop will be open from 07.00 to 22.00 Monday to Saturday inc. and 08.00 to 22.00 Sunday’s and Bank Holidays. Deliveries to the store are limited to 08.00 to 20.00 Monday to Saturday inc. with no deliveries on Sunday’s or Bank Holidays.

Barnbrook Sinclair, 1 & 3 High Street, Knaphill

This is an application to gain outline planning permission to demolish the current building and build a four storey block of flats. There would be 10 flats four of which would be two bedroom flats but only 10 parking bays.

This building, as well as the old headquarters of Barnbrrok Sinclair, is also the home of the pet shop and PC repair shop both of which will lose their premises if planning permission is granted.

If you go to Memory Lane, local history on the KRA web site you will be able to read some of the history of this old beautiful building.

16 – 39 Chequer Tree Close
An application for change of use of open amenity land to residential land for the benefit of the residents.

Outstanding planning applications

New primary school on land at Brookwood Farm, Coresbrook Way, Knaphill
This application contains more details of the actual building and the landscaping around the school. The new school, which will be linked to Brookwood School, will accommodate 8 key stage two classes, (240 pupils). One of the main concerns remains the impact the new school will have on the traffic on the A322, Bagshot Road. The new building will be behind the Telephone Exchange.
Comment: Seven local residents have commented on this application and their main concern is flooding. This area is subject to flooding and residents are concerned that the new building will have a significant impact on the natural flow of water.

New footpath and canal bridge.
To link the new school building to the school on Connaught Road Surrey County Council plan for a new bridge to cross the canal, at the rear of the Connaught Road school, to a footpath that will go across the Country Park to the new school building on Brookwood Farm.
Comment: This application has raised a number of concerns from local residents and to date 17 residents have submitted letters to the Council. Natural England has also submitted an objection on the grounds that there is insufficient information to determine if the application is likely to damage the interests for which Basingstoke Canal has been notified.

Variation of condition 6 to PLAN/1985/0686, Total (now ESSO) petrol station, 23 High Street.
Currently the petrol station and associated shop have opening hours of 07.00 to 23.00 hrs. The application was to be allowed to open from 06.00 to midnight.
In July the Planning Committee rejected this application but the owners have now lodged an appeal.
Appeal reference APP/A3655/A/13/2203626

Proposed demolition of existing outbuilding and replacement with a detached 3 bedroom dwelling.
22A High Street, Knaphill
This is the site at the rear of the take-away and the old library.
The application was rejected by the Planning Officer, delegated responsibility, however the owners have appealed the decision and we must await the decision of a Planning Inspector.
Architects on behalf of the developer has pointed out to the Planning Inspector, in their final comments, that the Local Council did not refer to any parking or highways issues in the notice of rejection of the original application. Unfortunately that is a true statement, yet another example of the County’s Highway Authority ignore the actual facts on parking in Knaphill.
Appeal reference APP/A3655/A/13/2199725

Change of use from A1/A2 (retail or office) to A3 restaurant and café and A5 hot food takeaway including internal alterations and installation of new filtered extract system.
8, Anchor Crescent, Knaphill
These are the premises last used by Garrett, solicitors.
Do we need another food outlet?
The KRA has submitted a letter of objection.

Proposed extensions and alterations to existing bungalow to include raising of the ridgeline to accommodate the creation of additional storey at first floor level plus the erection of front porch canopy.
38 Lane End Drive

Alterations to PLAN/2012/0700
ALPHA hospital, Rose Lodge, Barton Close

This application is to take account of the fact that the original plans that were approved had the construction traffic entering the site via Barton Close where after representation it was changed to direct entry from Redding Way.

Brookwood Farm Development
Work is progressing on changing the junction of the Bagshot Road and Redding Way from a T junction into a full crossroads. New entrance road to be called Brookwood Farm Drive.

Fox Inn, Guildford Road, Bisley
Although this is outside Knaphill I thought you may like to know that Surrey Heath Council has given developers permission to knock down the old inn and build a 62 bedroom care home. If you want more details please go to the Surrey Heath web site. The reference number for this development is 13/0046.

The Meadows, Bagshot Road, Knaphill
The former hospital building has now closed and the premises are on the market to be sold by auction. The building is described as a 24 bed care home built in 1966 and it is for sale as existing use or residential development subject to planning approval.

This report does not attempt to cover all planning issues in Knaphill. If you have any questions or points on the above please feel free to contact the KRA.

Phil Stubbs

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