KRA Committee Minutes (Nov 2013)

Agreed Minutes


KRA Committee Meeting

13 November 2013 – Garibaldi

Attendees: –    John Butler (chairman), Debbie Harlow, Susan Stocker, Rachel Carney,

Tony Hayes-Allen, Anthony Polak, Phil Stubbs.


Apologies: –     Ann Mason, Martin Dunham, Andy Hills


John introduced Susan who had attended our last meeting as a guest and had agreed to join the Committee as a full member.


  1. Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on 09 October were approved and agreed for publication.


  1. Editor Update

Although Andy was unable to attend tonight’s meeting he had written to members stating that he planned to step down as editor of magazine and web site. Andy would edit the December edition of the magazine but would then stand down.


Given that Andy had been unable to attend this evening John reported that he planned to meet with Andy to discuss his intentions and look ahead. John added that it was essential to have an editor if we planned to continue to produce a magazine.


Debbie felt that we were probably all guilty of not giving Andy sufficient support to allow him to continue.


  1. Projects

3.1  Christmas lights

Phil reported that all the businesses who participated in last year’s event had agreed to participate this year. We planned two additional brackets this year, the first would be a second outside RSM and the second outside the shoe shop.


3.2  Litter picking

Anthony updated the meeting on the planned litter pick. This is to be held on 23 November and volunteers should meet at 10.30 outside the library. Anthony would place posters in the appropriate positions.


Action points: Phil to contact Neighbourhood Officer for refuge sacks and tools. ALL pass the word around.


3.3  Alpha Hospital

The KRA have been contacted by Alpha Hospital who want to establish a stakeholders group who will act as a point of contact with the community. The plan is to involve Councillors, church leaders, local residents and KRA.  In raising it at this meeting John stated that we were looking for a volunteer. After the close of the formal meeting Susan offered to act as KRA’s representative on Alpha’s stakeholder group.


  1. Village Show

Debbie reported that the group who were interested in forming a new Village Show Committee had held an informal meeting and had the basis for the formation of a Committee. A number of general topics had been discussed including the possibility of holding a longer show, i.e. going into the evening. Debbie felt that there was an urgent requirement for a meeting with Mike Smith of Mizen’s to see if such an idea was open for consideration. The group were also looking at changes to the horticultural show and the involvement of local organisations such as the churches.


John reported that the group had been provided with copies of the accounts for last year’s show, the new web site for the village show was now up and running.


Anthony asked if the Village Show would have a theme. Debbie reported that they had not yet got into such detail.


Following the success of the scouts firework display on the recreation ground off Redding Way John suggested that this could be a good alternative venue for the Village Show if Mizen’s was not available.


Action points: – John to agree start up loan from KRA account.


  1. Village Meeting

The Committee agreed with the proposal to hold a village meeting in the spring 2014. John reported that Richard Sherlock had agreed to chair such a meeting. One option discussed was to combine a Village Meeting with our AGM and after a debate it was agreed that separate meetings would be best as the Village Meeting would hopefully attract a wider audience than those interested in the KRA.


The timing of a Village Meeting is critical, we must avoid Easter but given that some crucial reports are scheduled to be published by Woking Borough in the spring, including proposals for changes to the Green Belt boundaries, it would be useful if the village meeting could be timed to meet after the publication of these important documents.


Action points: – Date of Village Meeting to be agreed at next meeting. Phil to check the calendar of Council meetings.


  1. Planning Update

Phil had circulated his latest planning report earlier. This report is now made available to all residents via our web site.


  1. Chairman’s Report

John reported on the meeting that he and Phil had attended with Head of Planning and Head of Planning Policy at Woking Borough Council. This was the second such meeting where WBC invites representatives from the various Resident Associations in the Borough to meet and discuss general planning issues. The meeting opened with Head of Planning Policy giving an update on the various Supplementary Planning documents that he was working on. The meeting then opened up for a Q and A session. Phil asked if WBC had considered reviewing some of the larger developments to which permission had been given. He pointed out that the previous such a practice is recommended by LGA but when this had been suggested before the idea had been rejected. Mrs Jackson stated that she would like to introduce the practice of a joint group of Officers and Members visiting parts of the Borough to review developments that had been given the go ahead. This had been the practice that had been carried out in her previous Borough and she would be opening discussions with the Leader of the Council to see if our Councillors would be interested in such a scheme.


  1. Treasurer’s Report

John reported that the accounts for 2011/2012 were now with the auditor. John added that we were still subsidising the KRA magazine from our general funds and given the amount of money we have in the bank this was currently acceptable.


  1. Secretary’s Report

Phil reported that barriers had been erected on the pavement outside the old library, the take-aways and Lloyd’s Bank. This has been achieved by County Councillor Saj Hussain using the highways funds allocated for work in his Ward. Phil put forward an idea for asking the Council to lease 8 Anchor Crescent for community use. These are the premises that were used by Mackrell Turner &Garrett, solicitors. The owners of the property were currently seeking planning permission to convert the premises into a hot food take-away. Phil’s idea was that given the central location of these premises they were ideal for the multi-use of organisation/businesses with the community at the centre of their ethos. The central point would be the Council’s Neighbourhood Officer. There is Neighbourhood Officer responsible for Brookwood and Knaphil but she is currently based in central Woking. The police do not have a base in the village. Other bodies who could be interested are Surrey’s Credit Union and Citizens Advice. After a brief discussion the Committee agreed that the idea warranted further investigation and Phil agreed to raise the idea with Ward Councillors.


  1. AGM

Phil had left a message with the person who manages the hire of rooms in the Methodist Church to see if the hall is available for the AGM. The Committee have to decide what to include in the evenings events.


Action point: Phil to check to see if Methodist Church is available on 2 April.


  1. Date of next meeting

10th December             Garibaldi 6.30 pm (Note it was agreed to invite those volunteers who deliver the KRA magazine to join us for buffet and drink as a way of us saying thank you)


15 January 2014        Stephs Café (Open house from 7.00pm to 7.45)


Meeting closed

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