Woking Borough Council issue an Air Quality Management Order

On the 1st of February WBC issued an Air Quality Management Order for the area at the top of Anchor Hill. The designated area incorporates the top of Anchor Hill at the junction with Lower Guildford Road, Highclere Road and High Street. The order his been issued because of the high levels of nitrogen dioxide that has been detected over a period of years.

By issuing this order the Council have to produce a plan within 18 months. The plan should identify steps which can be implemented to try and reduce the levels of nitrogen dioxide.

Residents living in the area covered by this Order should have received a letter direct from Woking Borough Council. Full details of the Order and a Q & A page can be found at www.woking.gov.uk/airquality.

4 Comments on “Woking Borough Council issue an Air Quality Management Order

  1. 18 months to draw up a plan. Agility and pace in the public sector is too rapid for belief!


  2. Apparently there is a story in one of our local papers (nto sure which) mentioning the possibility of closing access to Highclere road at the traffic lights. Note sure if I like that idea or not.


  3. Woking Borough Council has now issued its action plan. The main change will be to the traffic lights at the top of Anchor Hill. Surrey County Council will upgrade the junction to Microprocessor Optimised Vehicle Actuation (MOVA) operation. This new system will link the lights at the top of Anchor Hill with the pedestrian lights opposite Barclays Bank. SCC say that the new lights should reduce delays by around 13%. It is hoped that by reducing the waiting time on Anchor Hill there will be an improvement in the air quality. It is also pointed out that new regulations on engine emissions will help to reduce pollution.

    We are told not to expect to see immediate improvements and 2017 is given as the first year when all the air quality readings will be such that the management order can be removed.


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