Knaphill Planning Update – 12 February 2014


PLAN/2013/0202 Total (now Esso) Garage, 23 High Street

Variation of condition 6 to PLAN/1985/0686

Currently the petrol station and associated shop have opening hours of 07.00 to 23.00 hrs. The application was to be allowed to open from 06.00 to midnight. In July the Planning Committee rejected this application but the owners lodged an appeal.

The Planning Inspector has permitted the extended opening hours for a trial period of 12 months.

PLAN/2013/0991 Alpha hospital, Rose Lodge, Barton Close

Alterations to PLAN/2012/0700

This application is to take account of the fact that the original plans that were approved had the construction traffic entering the site via Barton Close where after representation it was changed to direct entry from Redding Way.

Application approved.


Variation to the conditions imposed on the new house built between 58 and 62 Chobham Road.

The planning application that was approved had no windows on the side of the house facing No 62. The developer went ahead and put three windows into this side of the house and then submitted a planning application for retrospective approval.

This retrospective application has been approved by the Head of Planning under delegated authority.

PLAN/2013/1081  Barnbrook Sinclair, 1 & 3 High Street, Knaphill

This is an application to gain outline planning permission to demolish the current building and build a four storey block of flats. There would be 10 flats four of which would be two bedroom flats but only 10 parking bays. This building, as well as the old headquarters of Barnbrook Sinclair, is also the home of the pet shop Pets Kingdom and PC repair A&E PC Repairs both of which will lose their premises if planning permission is granted.

The planning application has been rejected by the Local Planning Authority on the grounds that the  village could ill afford to lose the shops and office accommodation housed in the current building.

PLAN/2013/1122 & 1124 Tesco’s 15 High Street

Installation of an ATM to the shop front.

The installation of 6 bollards in front of the proposed ATM and shop front.

The above two planning applications are linked. Local residents have asked if another ATM in the village is required? If Tesco’s feel that it is important for the store to have its own ATM then residents want to see it relocated from the Fosters Lane end of the building.

Planning Committee approved the installation of an ATM at the Fosters Lane end of the building. The number of bollards was reduced to 4 and these will be located outside the store entrance. 

PLAN/2013/1225 15 High Street

Application to relax condition 24 of planning permission 2010/0085 to require that only the first and second floor windows in the west elevation be obscure glazed in perpetuity except windows 1 and 3 on the approved plan.

This is yet another planning application from the developer of the old Clifton’s site.  The condition in the original planning decision was added because the new building is very close to the houses in Fosters Lane and what then was HSBC bank. Woking Borough Council imposed a condition that the first and second floor windows in the east (facing the old HSBC bank) and west (facing Fosters Lane) shall be obscure glazed in perpetuity. The Council’s reason for this condition was to avoid overlooking into adjoining property.

The councillors on the Planning Committee unanimously rejected the application even though the Planning Officer recommended acceptance.  

PLAN/2013/1256 92 High Street

Erection of a two storey side and rear extension

Plans approved.

PLAN/2013/1222 35 Grindstone Crescent

Insertion of a second storey window

Plans approved.


PLAN/2013/1114 New Haweli, 22 High Street

Application is to fit black tiles on the front of the take-away.

PLAN/2014/0021 Heathview, Grindstone Handle Corner

Build a second storey extension above existing first floor single storey extension. Convert existing garage into a habitable room and replace existing conservatory roof with a pitch tiled roof.

PLAN/2014/0067 41 Highclere Road

Demolition of existing dwelling and outbuilding and the erection of 3 detached houses with garages.

Note although the address is given as Highclere Road access to the new houses will be in Lane End Drive.

PLAN/2014/0081 Land at Brookwood Farm, Coresbrook Way

Application for new footpath and canal bridge to link new junior section of Brookwood Primary School and existing school.

In looking at the detail the footpath appears to have become footpath and cycle way.

AMEND/2014/0087 Tesco, 15 High Street

Variation of condition 2 to allow a 5 minute newspaper and magazine drop off.

Condition states no deliveries before 8.00am and after 8.00pm.


PLAN/2013/0350 48 Lower Guildford Road

Erection of a two bedroom detached house.

The original application was rejected under delegated powers. The grounds for the rejection were that the proposed development would result in an incongruous over development of the site in breach of CS21 and CS24 policies.

The applicant submitted an appeal on 12/12/2013.

PLAN/2013/0856 – Brookwood Farm

Reserved matters application for the access, appearance, landscaping, layout and scale for the erection of a primary school.

In December Woking Borough Council (WBC) Planning Committee deferred making a decision on the above application. One of the main reasons for deferment was due to the fact that Surrey County Council (SCC) had withdrawn a planning application for a new footpath and bridge connecting the two school buildings (more on this later in this report).  There was also concern with regards general access to the school both on foot and for vehicle access.  SCC had also failed to give any details on the materials to be used in the construction of the school and the Planning Officer stated in his report that if the materials are not carefully selected it could result in stark form of development within the landscape. Finally Councillors have issues with parking for parents dropping or collecting children.

Note:  The developer has added more details to the plans in line with the request from the Planning Committee.

PLAN/2013/0864 Brookwood Farm

New footpath and canal bridge.

This application is linked to the planning application, reported on above, for the building of a new school building on Green Belt land in Brookwood Farm. The footpath and bridge are to link the new school building to the school on Connaught Road. Surrey County Council plan for a new bridge to cross the canal, at the rear of the Connaught Road School and linked to a footpath that will go across the Country Park to the new school building on Brookwood Farm.

This application has been withdrawn by SCC. First, Natural England has raised a number of objections to the plan and secondly, local residents in Brookwood were opposed to the public footpath continuing through the school grounds and onto Connaught Road.

Note:  See new planning applications above.

PLAN/2013/0940 16 – 39 Chequer Tree Close

This application from the above residents is to change of use of open amenity land to become residential land by moving fence line.

PLAN/2013/1235 23 Sparvell Road

Erection of two storey rear extension

Brookwood Farm Development

The new road, Brookwood Farm Drive is now open and is the only vehicle access to Raynes Close.

Cala Homes have taken over the old Post Office in Connaught Road and converted it into an Information Centre for the proposed housing estate at Brookwood Farm. We understand that Cala Homes and Woking Borough Council are still negotiating the price of land currently owned by WBC.

Note This report does not attempt to cover all planning issues in Knaphill. If you have any questions or points on the above please feel free to contact the KRA.

Phil Stubbs


2 Comments on “Knaphill Planning Update – 12 February 2014

  1. AMEND/2014/0087 Tesco, 15 High Street

    My preference for Tesco would be to allow a paper delivery before 8am, but restrict any other deliveries until after 9.30am (to ease traffic congestion).


  2. Paul, We would like to see more restrictions on deliveries to all shops and businesses in Knaphill but following the decision by the Planning Inspector on the permitted hours for the petrol station it will be very difficult to impose further limits on Tesco’s. One would hope that who ever delivers newspapers to the petrol station could also deliver to Tesco’s. This would at least restrict the number of vehicle movements.


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