Woking Borough Council have announced that CALA Homes paid £17 million to WBC for the land and grant rights on the 16-acre site. In addition the Council receive £8,596,000 through what they call Section 106 Planning Agreement. The money under the heading S106 will be used to pay for new school and footpath to Brookwood Canal. The third payment WBC receive is £2.8 million from the new homes bonus paid by central Government. This makes a total of £28 million coming to Woking Borough Council, how much will be spent on Knaphill and its residents?

What WBC have not said is whether the money from the sale of the land is more or less than budgeted. We know that the majority of the money from the land sale will go to wards the cost of the Hoe Valley Scheme.


  1. They are all a joke just ask the residents of Raynes close brookwood farm eco houses and the problems they are having getting the eco equipment sorted out. All the councillors involved in that development were eager to get on tv and the papers for their parties when it was finished but now no one wants to help. The residents raised their concerns in a meeting with the council in Feb 2014 (after trying for nearly a year) and still nothing has been done.

    There is actually no one who is responsible for this development to take ownership and this we pay them for………


  2. The comment from ‘concerned’ is extremely unfair as the residents know I have spent much time in trying to resolve this, including taking time off work to lead a meeting between residents and Thamesway.

    No residents have raised a subsequent inaction issue with me, and if they do so, I will pursue those responsible to bring them to account.


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