Planning 126 – 128 High Street

The planning application 2014/0077 is on the agenda for this weeks Planning Committee. The applications to demolish the current two houses and build 1 block containing 2 flats and 4 houses (2 blocks of semi detached houses). What has concerned a number of residents is the fact that the four houses are very close to the boundary of Knaphill School and the houses will overlook the school’s swimming pool.

The recommendation to the Councillors on the Planning Committee is to accept the application.

The Planning Officer, in making this recommendation, makes a passing reference to the close proximity of the new houses to the open-air swimming pool. One would have expected the Planning Officer to seek a view from both the school and the County’s Education Department. No reports from either the school nor the Education Dept, if they have been made, are available to members of the public.

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