Planning update

Knaphill Planning Update 14 July 2014



PLAN/2014/0215 Old library, 20 High Street.

Demolish old library and build a 9 residential unit (3 x 2 bedrooms + 6 x 1 bedroom)

The plans are for a block of flats that would come under the heading ‘mixed affordable housing’. This means that there are flat suitable for elderly people and some suitable for families.

Application rejected by Planning Committee.

PLAN/2014/0480 Charlbury, Littlewick Road

Application for the erection of a part two storey and part single storey side extension.


PLAN/2014/0498 13 Barley Mow Close

Application to demolish garage and erect single storey side extension and first floor rear addition with Juliet balcony.


PLAN/2014/0510 39 Herbert Crescent

Erection of a part two storey, part single storey rear extension, front porch and fenestration and roof alterations.




48 Lower Guildford Road

Erection of a detached 1 bedroom bungalow.


17 Beechwood Road

Demolition of existing outbuilding & erection of a single storey rear & side extension.


INwoods, Littlewick Road

Erection of extension to existing outbuildings


PLAN/2013/0856 – Brookwood Farm

Reserved matters application for the access, appearance, landscaping, layout and scale for the erection of a primary school.

In December Woking Borough Council (WBC) Planning Committee deferred making a decision on the above application. One of the main reasons for deferment was due to the fact that Surrey County Council (SCC) had withdrawn a planning application for a new footpath and bridge connecting the two school buildings (more on this later in this report). There was also concern with regards general access to the school both on foot and for vehicle access. SCC had also failed to give any details on the materials to be used in the construction of the school and the Planning Officer stated in his report that if the materials are not carefully selected it could result in stark form of development within the landscape. Finally Councillors have issues with parking for parents dropping or collecting children.

Note: The developer has added more details to the plans in line with the request from the Planning Committee.

PLAN/2013/0940 16 – 39 Chequer Tree Close

This application from the above residents is to change of use of open amenity land to become residential land by moving fence line.

Pending consideration

PLAN/2013/1114 New Haweli, 22 High Street

Application is to fit black tiles on the front of the take-away.

PLAN/2014/0067 41 Highclere Road

Demolition of existing dwelling and outbuilding and the erection of 3 detached houses with garages.

Note although the address is given as Highclere Road access to the new houses will be in Lane End Drive.

The applicant has submitted two appeals. The first appeal is against the decision to reject an application to build 4 houses. The second appeal is against the fact that a decision had not been taken within the permitted time for the building of 3 houses. The reference numbers of the appeals are APP/A3655/A/14/226057 & APP/A3655/A/14/226070.

PLAN/2014/0081 Land at Brookwood Farm, Coresbrook Way

Application for new footpath and canal bridge to link new junior section of Brookwood Primary School and existing school.

In looking at the detail the footpath appears to have become footpath and cycle way.

PLAN/2014/0421 Ridgeview, Bagshot Road

Application for the erection of a first floor side extension above existing attached garage.

PLAN/2014/0570 26 Staveley Way

Installation of a step lift to front of property to provide wheelchair access.

PLAN/2014/0531 146 Alexandra Gardens

Conversion of garage into habitable accommodation.


Bisley housing development

SURREY HEATH 2014/0249 17 Queens Road, Bisley

A developer has submitted a planning application to Surrey Heath for the building of 113 dwellings with new access from Snowdrop Way and Chatton Row, Bisley. This is the old site of Bisley Office Furniture.

SURREY HEATH 2014/0262 325 Guildford Road, Bisley

An application has been submitted for the building of 13 three bedroom houses.

SURREY HEATH 2012/0546 Deepcut

The application that has been given outline planning permission is for the building of 1,200 new dwellings. This application includes the conversion of current army property.

Note This report does not attempt to cover all planning issues in Knaphill. If you have any questions or points on the above please feel free to contact the KRA.

Phil Stubbs


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