Follow on from Village Meeting

At the beginning of October the KRA hosted a Village Meeting when residents were given the opportunity to question local Councillors, police and Council Officers. Although the number of residents who attended was disappointing small there was an interesting debate covering numerous subjects. Over the next few weeks we will enlarge on the issues raised by residents. Starting with schools.
First the good news, according to Surrey County Council all parents who submitted a 1st preference for a local first or junior school in our area got their first choice. All our local junior or first schools were undersubscribed with 1st preferences. Part of the proposed development on Brookwood Farm was a new school. This new school would have been part ofBrookwood School and the two buildings would be linked by a purpose built footpath. SCC has decided to defer submitting the final details on a new school and thus there will be no new school building being built in the near future. SCC plan to expand Bisley Church of England Primary School.

The above means that once the houses on Brookwood Farm start to be occupied the pressure for school places at junior and first level will fall on the current Knaphill schools. What is not clear is whether SCC will go ahead with a new footpath that would assist families living in the new houses accessing both Brookwood school but also the railway station.

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