Access to a GP

One issue raised at the recent Village Meeting was that residents are having problems in getting an appointment with their GP at a time convenient to them. The problem is only going to get worse especially when the houses on Brookwood Farm are complete and occupied. Jonathan Lord, our MP, has just sent me an answer to a written question he had submitted to the Department of Health. Below is an extract from this reply.

‘We understand that a recent survey by Healthwatch highlighted Woking is an area where there was a potential issue with booking and arranging appointments which are convenient to patients. Following this, we (Dept. for Health) are advised that Surrey & Sussex Area Team agree to meet with the Health and Adult Social Care Committee and Healthwatch to set up a working group to look at areas which could be improved with regards to access to GP services.’ Department for Health.

The KRA will continue to monitor the situation. We also plan to write to North West Surrey CCG. This is the body responsible for coordinating GP services in our area. We will raise the specific issues facing residents in Knaphill, Brookwood and Bisley.

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