KRA Committee minutes November 2014


Attendees: – Susan Stoker (chairman), Rachel Carney, Yana Petrosyan, Anthony Polak,

Tony Hayes-Allen, Neville Hinks, Phil Stubbs.

Observers: Cllr. Debbie Harlow, Cllr. Saj Hussain

Apologies: – John Butler, Ann Mason, Cllr Melanie Whitehand.

Prior to the start of the Committee meeting Cllr Hussain met 29 residents from Waterers Rise and Barley Mow Close who wanted to express their concern with both the proposed demolition of 11 garages and building of 3 houses on Waterers Rise. Cllr Hussain answered questions.

  1. Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on 14th October 2014 were approved and agreed for publication.

  1. Matters Arising

The chairman stated that the majority of items discussed in September had moved on and would be covered by other agenda items.

At the last meeting the idea of a village quiz night was discussed and a tentative date added to the diary, on reflection it was felt that January would be a poor month to run a quiz and that we should also check on what days other organisations held similar events. It was agreed to carry the discussion forward to the New Year.

  1. Litter Pick

Anthony reported that 10 residents, some with children, turned up and 12 sacks of rubbish were filled.

Cllr Harlow reported that one resident who had helped suggested that we should organise a litter pick more than once a year.

  1. Christmas decorations

Phil reported that he had contacted all the businesses that had brackets for Christmas trees and all had indicated that they would want a tree this year. A number had also indicated that they would make a contribution to the costs.

Susan reported that she had obtained some red ribbon and had been make bows for the trees. It was suggested that we also had white ribbon to dress the trees.

Phil proposed that due to costs we did not place the large tree outside the Anchor PH. Both Susan and Cllr Hussain thought that this was a bad move and Cllr Hussain would speak with the landlady to see if the brewery would contribute.

It was asked why a large tree is not placed outside the old library. The reason is lack of electricity supply.

Phil asked members if they could make themselves available on Saturday 29th November to dress the trees and assist with the placing of the trees in their holders.

Action point: All members to assist with the placing of the trees, 29th November 10.00 am.

  1. Vyne bollards

Phil reported that we continued to receive comments on the bollards and that we would be placing an article in the next magazine inviting residents to continue with their comments. In addition to the views on the actual bollards residents had also raised the question of a pedestrian crossing on Redding Way to assist with parents and children crossing that road. There was also a problem with the car park close to the bollards on the Redding Road side. This car park is regularly full as it is used by staff from Alpha hospitals.

Cllr Harlow suggested that the Redding Way also required some speed humps given the problems with speeding.

Where do we go from here? Phil said that the issue around the bollards was directly linked to the bigger problem of traffic in general. He pointed out that the air quality around Anchor Hill traffic lights was to be reviewed in March by the Joint Councils Committee and these bollards should form part of that larger debate.

Action point: Phil to investigate setting up an online petition.

  1. Planning Issues

Phil circulated the revised planning report and he highlighted four current applications.

Waterers Rise development had been fully discussed prior to the formal meeting.

Good news in that the proposed development at Copthorne Meadows farm had been rejected. Bad news, New Vision Homes had appealed the decision of the Planning Committee to reject the proposed development of the old library site. At the time of this meeting WBC had not published any details of the appeal.

Cllr Hussain reported that the application from the owners of 48 Lower Guildford Road to build a bungalow in the garden was scheduled to be discussed at the next meeting of the Planning Committee.

  1. Knaphill Schools

Phil reported that Knaphill School and Brookwood School had recently been revisited by Ofsted inspectors. They had been revisited because there last full inspections had failed to achieve a satisfactory outcome. The inspectors had now reported that standards in both schools had improved but that there was still a long way to go.

John had received a copy of a consultation document from the chair of Knaphill Governors. The consultation was on the idea that Knaphill School and Knaphill Lower School should become a federation of Schools. This would mean that both schools would retain their independence from a teaching position but there would be a single Executive Headteacher and a single governing body. Having read the consultation report Phil suggested that he felt that proposal made good sense.

It was agreed that Phil should write on behalf of the KRA agreeing to the proposal and offering the Governors the Residents’ Association support.

  1. Treasurer’s report

Yana reported that all cheques had now been banked and that she was working on the end of year accounts.

  1. Secretary’s report

Phil informed the Committee of a letter he had received from Jonathan Lord MP which outlined an investigation into GP coverage in Woking. Phil had also written to NW Surrey CCG with regards to GP coverage around Knaphill given the development on Brookwood Farm. To date Phil had not received a reply from the CCG.

Phil reported that it was almost 12 months since the KRA was asked to find new leaders for the Cabin Youth Club. We had persuaded Donna to take on the role of leader and Phil had agreed to assist in the role of secretary/treasurer. Rachel also assisted as a volunteer. However given the lack of volunteers Phil was now helping out on a weekly basis. He stated that the work was both challenging and rewarding. During the next 12 months Woking BC and Surrey CC were reviewing all their youth work and it was important that Knaphill was not, again, left out when it comes to support from the local authorities.

Given the work with The Cabin and other responsibilities Phil reported that he had informed John that he would be standing down as Secretary to the KRA at the next AGM. Phil reported that John had asked if Phil would stay on and deal with planning issues. Phil had replied that if that was the wish of the members then he would stay on the Committee in that capacity but he could not continue with the current work load.

  1. Any other business

10.1 Cllr. Hussain reported that WBC was planning to convert the old tennis court on Sussex Road recreation ground into a schools car park. The car park would have gates that would only be open during school hours but could also be used by the members of the bowls club. Outside these specific hours the space would be closed to vehicles and return to being a play area. Cllr. Hussain was asked what was being done about the standing water in the small children’s play area. Cllr. Hussain replied that WBC would deal with drainage as part of the project. Phil asked if this change of use would require planning permission. Cllr Hussain said no but agreed it was important that local residents were consulted.

10.2 Cllr. Hussain reported that there were plans to resurface and extend the car park at Waterers Park.

10.3 Susan asked if the Councillors had any news on a replacement for the village sign at the bottom of Anchor Hill. Cllr Hussain stated that they were still working on it.

10.4 Susan reported that she was still in communication with Barclay’s Bank re the redundant sign outside their office.

Susan was also in contact with WBC re the tree stump outside the cycle shop. WBC had missed several deadlines on the removal of this tree stump.

10.5 Cllr. Hussain reported that he had a bunch of young people who were willing to carry out community work like hedge trimming for elderly people.

10.6 Cllr Harlow reported that Rev Richard Sherlock had announced that he was leaving Knaphill for a position elsewhere. Richard and his wife will be missed and it was agreed to invite him to out December buffet for volunteers.

  1. Dates for the diary

10 December Christmas party for Committee members plus the volunteers who deliver magazine.

6 January 2015 KRA Committee meeting, Stef’s 7.30pm

Meeting closed

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