Crocodile tears from local Councillors

In response to the decision by a Planning Inspector gave New Vision Homes & Woking Borough Council permission to build a three storey block of flats on the site of the old library our local Councillors said that they had been against the plans but added that there is a silver lining to the decision because the flats will add to Woking’s stock of social housing.  Similar words were used by Woking Borough Council when they signed over Brookwood Farm to Cala Homes. What our Councillors failed to comment on was the fact that although Woking’s own Planning Committee rejected the plans for the old library site on the grounds that is was yet again a piece of overdevelopment for the centre of Knaphill Council leaders agreed with New Vision Homes to appeal the decision reached locally.

The KRA are not arguing against the development of this site but do not believe the plans produced by New Vision Homes is the best use of this land.

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