Village Sign returns

On Monday the Knaphill Village Sign returned to its rightful place on the pole outside the old library in the High Street. The KRA are working on a number of projects to improve the centre of our village. The job of refurbishing the sign was only possible through the kind donation from the manager and staff of Tesco’s.

When we took the sign down we were shocked to find how poor the condition the sign was in. The sign is actually hollow and was full of water, this had caused a substantial amount of damage. The damage was the main reason why it has taken so long to complete the refurbishment. Thanks must go to Jeff Duke of Hoebridge who volunteered to carry out the repairs and repaint the sign. We made one minor change to the actual picture in that we changed the colour of the flower in an attempt to represent the knap hill azalea.

Three other volunteers need to be thanked, John Baker, Paul Chapman and Michael Wand who assisted in the removal, transportation and rehanging the sign. There are many tasks around the village that would not be carried out without volunteers taking on a challenge.

Our next priority is to get Woking Borough Council to improve the flower beds that are situated in and around the centre of the village. Why does the planting of flowers in the Council owned flower beds end with St. Johns and Horsall.



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