A322, Bagshot Road

From the start of the debate on the proposal to build over 200 new dwellings on Brookwood Farm the KRA has raised concern over the level of congestion on the A322 and specifically the problems around the Brookwood crossroads. Since the planning application for Brookwood Farm was agreed other developments have come forward and we can expect to see around 1,000 new dwellings along the A322 corridor between Brookwood crossroads and Gordons School in West End. With all these planning applications Surrey Highways Planning have failed to raise any objections to the level of development even in the knowledge that the road is trying to cope with far more traffic than the road was designed to carry.

In fact very little money has been spent on the A322 as it passes through Surrey whereas the same road, the A322, as it passes through Berkshire motorists have seen all the roundabouts in that county upgraded. In fact according to a report in last weeks Woking Advertiser Surrey has the slowest rush hour roads of any county in the country.

So it was good to see the A322 on the agenda for this weeks Joint Committee, unfortunately the Councils decided that the proposal to be discussed included confidential commercial points and so the debate took place in private and therefore we are unable to report on any progress in the Councils efforts to try and address the congestion issues in this part of the county.

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