Council to change their plans for the old library site

At the hustings meeting held on 28 April Cllr. Hussain announced that the Council had purchased land at the rear of the old library site. This is land, at the rear of the Co-op, was once the site of a bungalow. Cllr. Hussain stated that New Vision Homes will shortly submit revised plans on how they are going to link the two sites. We were assured that entrance to whatever they build will be off Englefield Road rather than the High Street.

The subject raised at the hustings because residents were disappointed that the Council had allowed the remains of the old library to stand for over 12 months since receiving planning permission to build. If the site had been owned by a private developer the Council would have insisted that once the roof had been removed the whole building should have been cleared and the site hidden behind hoardings.


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