Brookwood Farm

The new  houses on this estate continue to be built and occupied. The majority of residents will have seen the advertising boards for Cala Homes. Fewer people will be aware of the section of development that is classified as ‘affordable housing’. If you walk down Sparvell Road you will see the sign for Paragon Community Housing Group. This is a joint venture between Woking Borough Council and Paragon to create houses or apartments for rent or to buy on a shared ownership plan.


Staying with Brookwood Farm have you used the new footpath that goes from just off the Bagshot Road across the country park to the canal towpath close to Brookwood, if you have used it what do you think of the surface of the path, we would like to know.DSCN0134

2 Comments on “Brookwood Farm

    • Stuart, thank you for the comment. We did contact Woking Borough Council and they said the same think. The footpath had been built before Cala Homes were required to provided a footpath. Cala have now reached the target number of houses so one would hope that WBC would act.


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