Air quality on Anchor Hill remains poor

Woking Borough Council has recently published their annual report on air quality (2016 Air Quality Annual Status Report). This covers data collected over last year, 2015. WBC only measure levels of nitrogen dioxide. The Government has set a maximum figure that should not be exceeded and that is 40 units, two of the six measuring points on Anchor Hill exceeded this maximum figure  which is unacceptable. This is not the first time the figures for Anchor Hill have exceeded the Governments limits and last year WBC had to declare an area round the top of Anchor Hill an Air Quality Management Area. This means that the Council have 12 – 18 months to devise a plan that will bring about change and thus improve the air quality at the top of Anchor Hill.

The plan for Anchor Hill included upgrading the traffic light system at the top of Anchor Hill. This will included linking the lights at the pedestrian crossing outside Tesco’s to the lights at the top of Anchor Hill. Surrey County Council expect to complete this work by the end of summer. However it will take at least 18 months before we see any serious reduction in the level of nitrogen dioxide in this area.

The full report from WBC can be found on their website.

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