Work starts on the old library site

Work has started on the old library site and we assume the first job is to complete the demolition of the old building. Access to the site is from Englefield Road. Those who have been following this story will know that New Vision Homes were granted planning permission in February 2015 to build a 3 storey block containing 9 residential units. Later New Vision Homes/Woking Borough council acquired land at the rear of the old library that fronts out on Englefield Road. Although this land has been acquired neither WBC nor New Vision Homes has stated what they plan for this land.

As workmen start to demolish the old library one must assume that New Vision Homes plan to go ahead with the single building that has been approved. Having suggested that the builder sticks to the original plans they showed a single entrance to the new flats being off the High Street but surely having acquired land at the rear it would make more sense to make the entrance off Englefiled Road! This change would require an amendment to the agreed plans and as yet no such amendment has been published.

If the demolition is completed by the end of October then the annual Armistice Day service may be held on the land in front of the old library.

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