In recent weeks we have been critical of the emergency ambulance cover for our area and quoted from the CQC report. We feel we must point out that there was good news in the report under the heading ‘Compassionate care’:

‘During our inspection we heard numerous examples of compassionate care displayed by ambulance staff. This was supported by our observations of staff in their interaction with patients and carers. Ambulance staff were aware and sensitive to the dignity and respect of patients ensuring that they were transported with appropriate blanket coverage.’ CQC Report September 2016

The feedback we have received from residents has been that they find ambulance staff and paramedics are friendly and helpful.

However there is still a serious issue with the speed that ambulances are getting to the very urgent 999 calls. In the latest figures* SECAmb Trust received 1,347 Red 1 calls resulting in an emergency response arriving at the scene, but only 64.6% arrived on the scene within the 8 minute target. NHS England expect 75% of Red 1 calls to achieve a response within 8 minutes.

We at the KRA have put a number of key questions to our elected representatives, MP and County Councillor, and we await answers to these questions. The most basic question being; “How will the closure of the ambulance station in Knaphill help improve the response time to urgent 999 calls?”

*Taken from NHS England, covering the period August 2016. SECAmb = South East Coast Ambulance Foundation Trust which covers Surrey.

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