The Anchor Inn should it be demolished?

Earlier this month we reported on the fact that following a review Woking Borough Council had removed the status of community asset from the building.

Prior to CAMRA seeking to have the pub made a community asset WBC were working with developers Metbase to reconfigure the building so that it could be used both for residential purposes and retail, there was talk of a wine bar. However when the Woking Advertiser  reported on the fact that the building was no longer a community asset Metbase is quoted as saying that the plan was to demolish the pub and replace it with a mix of residential and shops, plus parking and social housing.

So what has changed? That is the question we have put to local Councillors but so far no answers.

The Anchor is an historical building and locally listed. When I have been away and I drive up Anchor Hill once I see The Anchor I know I am home. Maybe there is no room for sentimental views and that we should give way to much larger buildings, say similar to the block that contains TESCO’s.

We would welcome your views. If The Anchor closes as a pub should the building be saved  or demolished and make way for a larger more modern structure?

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