Proposed changes to our roads

At the Surrey County Council Joint Committee held on 22 March Woking Borough Council presented their proposals for changes in and around Knaphill and Brookwood. I must stress these are proposals and there will be a period of public consultation in June.

The proposals fall into three packages:

  1. Brookwood Crossroads.
  2. Roads off Bagshot Road (A322).
  3. Vyne spur road.

Package 1 stands on its onw but I think 2 and 3 go together.


To explain the proposal I will take each road in turn as it approaches the Crossroads.

Bagshot Road (A322) from Knaphill – no change

Brookwood Lye Road (A324) – A third lane created so that there will be a left filter lane for traffic turning into Bagshot Road going towards Guildford. Middle lane for going straight across to Connaught Road and the third lane for turning right into Bagshot Road going towards Knaphill.

Bagshot Road 9A322)from Guildford – a new left filter into Connaught Road.

Connaught Road (A324) -creation of a second lane to give a left hand filter into Bagshot Road going towards Knaphill. The second lane is for traffic going straight ahead or turning right towards Guildford.


a. Junction with Redding Way – improve and lengthen the left hand filter coming from Bisley turning into Redding Way.

b. Junction with the Broadway – no exit from Bagshot Road into Broadway from either direction. Traffic leaving the Broadway can only turn left.

c. Junction with Chobham Road – similar to junction with Broadway, no exit from Bagshot Road into Chobham Road and traffic leaving Chobham Road can only turn left (this restriction already applies).

d. Oak Tree Road and Sparvell Road – further investigation into feasibility of traffic signals required.

e. Junction with Limecraft Road – Direction from Bisley no change. Coming up the Bagshot Road from Brookwood Crossroads, extend two lanes beyond the junction with Stafford Lake to increase right turn lane storage capacity. This will mean changes to traffic entering or leaving Stafford Lake.


The spur road is opened to all traffic. The traffic islands off the roundabout to be revised to increase deflection. The entrance to the car park opposite the Vyne to be closed. The two public car parks to be made into one with the entrance and exit being off Alexandra Gardens. The creation of a new pedestrian crossing using the island that currently houses the barriers.


As stated earlier these are at this stage only proposals and further work has to be carried out by Woking Borough Council before the plans go to public consultation. The Residents’ Association will discuss the plans at there next committee meeting and at a future date put forward their views. The KRA have asked the local Councillors to organise a residents public meeting to not only explain the reason for the proposals but to answer questions. In the meantime if you want to place comments on our website please feel free.

2 Comments on “Proposed changes to our roads

  1. Please do not make no turning from bagshot road into either chobham or broadway. I live in oak tree road and this would just add hassle and stress to my journey every morning having to either drive around knaphill village in either direction to enter it!! I think this would make people less likely to use the village, opting for Sainsbury’s even more or heading to Bisley or brookwood. I do not understand the benefit for anyone of these restrictions. The rest I whole heartily agree, including the left hand turns only from these two roads.


  2. I agree with the comment above. The left hand turns out of Broadway and chobham road makes sense but not sure what advantage there is to not be able to enter those roads from Bagshot road.


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