Knaphill Traffic – Bagshot Road (A322) Highway Improvement Consultation

The public consultation for the proposed traffic adjustments has now begun, and will run until Monday 31st July . The visual display is available for all to see in the Vyne community centre on Broadway, but if you struggle to get there, then don’t worry as we’ve popped along already and taken photos of everything for you (keep scrolling down for those). If you do manage to visit the Vyne, then you will see all the planned layouts, and afterwards you can fill in a form to let Woking Borough Council know what you think. Or, you can click here to fill in your questionnaire online instead (although the plans are not available to view on WBC website). And we really recommend you have your say! This is WBC asking for your thoughts and input; you live in Knaphill, so your voice is important!

Back in March, Phil Stubbs posted a full synopsis of the draft proposals, and I strongly advise you to click here and take a few minutes to have a proper read through as it’s an excellent breakdown and easy to follow. Now that these official plans have been published they don’t differ from the draft plans significantly, however the changes that do exist are:

  • Proposed an additional lane, so now three lanes leading into the crossing next to Sainsburys (Bagshot Road/Redding Way junction)
  • Still investigating the possible addition of traffic lights at Oak Tree Road/Bagshot Road junction, and or at Sparvell Road/Bagshot Road junction
  • The junction of Stafford Lake/Guildford Road no longer features, so it is assumed that those changes are no longer proposed
  • Corner immediately outside the Vyne centre, next to the roundabout will be significantly realigned to improve traffic flow

WBC are also hosting public drop-in events at the Vyne centre so that you can meet the planners and ask any questions you may have. These will take place on Thursday 20 July from 4pm to 7pm and on Saturday 22 July from 10am to 12.30pm.

The KRA are yet to formally reply, but in the meantime, what do you think? We want to hear from you. There are no right or wrong points of view, so get in touch, by either commenting below or on Facebook, or you can email us ( directly if you’d rather your comments remain private.









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