Refuse Collection Changes & Issues

As you are probably aware, back in September 2017, Woking Borough Council switched doorstep refuse collection companies. They are now being emptied by Amey, on behalf of Joint Waste Solutions and meant that for many of us, our bins are collected at slightly different times of the day from how they used to be. The switch over hopes to save the council some money which can be spent elsewhere. Woking is not the only borough in Surrey to have made this change; Elmbridge and Surrey Heath have also done the same, and we believe the rest of the county will gradually follow suit. Changeovers like these often come with a few niggling problems to begin with, but on the whole it’s settling down now. However, if you’re experiencing problems, then councillor Debbie Harlow , would like to hear from you, so that she can sort them out directly.

It’s also worth noting that now the food waste (your kitchen caddy stuff) is being collected by a separate truck, which will make the collection more efficient, as the food waste truck doesn’t fill up so quickly. The food waste is also being collected by Amey on behalf of Joint Waste Solutions.

Read the full article on Woking Borough Council’s website here.

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