Planning Updates

At the KRA we like to keep you informed of any important planning applications that are currently being processed for the Knaphill village so that you’re aware and know how they might impact you. In particular we want to draw your attention to two such applications:

PLAN/2017/1309. This was an application from New Vision Homes to build 4 houses (terraced) on Englefield Road, behind the Co-op. This application has been rejected by the Planning Dept. at WBC on the grounds that it was unduly cramped and small size of residential units and associated amenity space, parking provision and intensification of use. Furthermore the erection of the three storey buildings at 9.5 metres in height fails to correlate to this street-scene and would appear out-of-character in this context creating dominating buildings in the context of the area.

PLAN/2017/1398. The developer of the land at the rear of Sussex Court already has an approved planning application to build a single bungalow on this land. However, this new application was to build two bungalows, which has been rejected by Planning Dept. of WBC. The reason given for rejection was that the design and shape of the building and footprint and resulting layouts would result in an unduly cramped and contrived overdevelopment of the site which would fail to respect and make a positive contribution to the character of the area in which it would be situated.   


Nothing new to report on the Anchor Pub proposals, and the owner of 1-3 High Street is working on a new plan after the previous application was refused (click here for full article).



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