Road Changes: Redding Way/Broadway

UPDATE (29th January 2019): Unfortunately, we have been unsuccessful in our request for SCC to install a zebra crossing as part of these road changes. It seems that once the changes are made we will then need to decide how significant an error it was, and we can then apply for changes through the SCC and WBC Joint Committee. Extra time, money and paperwork for a project that has already been going on for years. Well done SCC!

UPDATE (23rd January 2019): Cllrs Harlow and Whitehand and the KRA are pushing for inclusion of a zebra crossing in these plans, and so far these requests are being met with resistance on the part of SCC. It seems they would rather see a demonstrable need for the crossing first before spending the money (ie. let’s let someone get knocked down before we address the issue, rather than do something to prevent that from happening in the first place!). We will keep you updated as we know more. In the meantime, the contact details to get in touch with SCC on this matter are below.

Surrey County Council and Woking Borough Council have published detailed plans for changes to the Vyne car park and the roundabout on Redding Way, at the junction with Broadway, next to the Vyne community centre. The plans for the SCC changes to the roads can be viewed at the Knaphill library and the residents have until the end of January to comment. Comments should be directed to:

Jason Russell, Executive Director of Highways, Transport & Environment, Traffic Regulation Orders Team, Surrey County Council, Hazel House, Merrow Lane, Guildford, Surrey, GU4 7BQ, or 0300 200 1003

The first task is for WBC to make changes to the Vyne car park and this should commence in February this year. The work will include closure of the existing car park entrance in Redding Way (we assume this means the entrance on Broadway), and the merger of the two separate sections of the car park, rearrangement of the parking bays as well as the introduction of speed humps and signage. This will require the car park to be renamed Alexandra Gardens Car Park as the only vehicular entrance and exit will be via Alexandra gardens. Pedestrian access will be maintained from the car park to the Vyne Centre.

The second phase is work to be carried out by Surrey County Council, basically to remove the old bollards and open the road up for all traffic. There will be a weight limit on vehicles of 7.5  tonnes. Some land currently included in the grounds of the Vyne will be used to widened the entrance to the roundabout so that buses can enter the roundabout without crossing the opposite lane. SCC will also fit a road table which will extend across the full width of the road where the Broadway meets the roundabout.

The KRA have responded to Cllr Melanie Whitehand to say that we are in favour of these plans on proviso that a pedestrian crossing is added between the Vyne car park and the Vyne centre, as we believe this is absolutely essential. The plans state that there will be a pedestrian entrance to the car park but there is a need for a pedestrian crossing given the age and mobility of many of those who use the Vyne.

One Comment on “Road Changes: Redding Way/Broadway

  1. Lots of talk talk about the need for a “pedestrian crossing given the age and mobility of many of those who use the Vyne” how about the need to maintain the existing parking facilities at the Vyne Centre given the age and mobility of the people using the facilities?!
    Eight spaces have been lost and anyone of age who doesn’t manage to secure a Bustler ride will have to wordle across the road whilst dodging traffic, & the safety of the children who use the facilities for activities is clearly not a consideration either.


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