Meeting Regarding Anti Social Behaviour Around Knaphill

UPDATE: If you were unable to attend this meeting, the minutes are now available on the Knaphill Baptist Church website. Click here.

On Monday 4th March, the KRA are hosting a public meeting to discuss anti-social behaviour around Knaphill, and everyone is welcome to attend to participate or simply listen.

Those in attendance;

  • David Munro, Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey
  • Inspector Andy Greaves
  • Cllr Melanie Whitehand
  • Cllr Debbie Harlow
  • Cllr Saj Hussain

The KRA feel there has been an increase in reported incidents and resident concerns, so we asked Cllr Melanie Whitehand to invite Surrey Police representatives to a public meeting.

This meeting allows local residents and businesses to raise those concerns directly to the David Munro, Andy Greaves and local Councillors.

The meeting will be held at The Knaphill Baptist Church, opposite White House dental surgery.

Full address of the church is:

88 High Street
GU21 2PZ

Please arrive in time to start at 7pm. There is obviously limited parking so we ask residents to walk where possible or if you are driving, leave the area directly outside the church free for those less able to walk. Thank you

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