Volunteer Information to Help Syrian Refugees

Woking Borough Council is looking for a number of committed individuals to assist with the integration of Syrian refugee families into Woking. Moving to the UK has been a huge adjustment with many challenges for them and volunteer support can make this transition easier. 

We are looking for: 

1. Volunteers to run a Conversation Café (Mondays 1:30pm-2:30pm) where they have discussions on set topics, helping the families feel confident about their communication skills. (Weekly Commitment)

2. ESOL trained volunteers to visit a family in their home and provide further 1-1 English support.  (Weekly Commitment)

3. Volunteers to provide transport or accompany families on public transport to and from hospital appointments and show them how they can get involved with events and the community in Woking. (Ad-Hoc Basis)

For further information please contact Hina Ashraf, Volunteer Co-ordinator (Refugees), on hina.ashraf@woking.gov.uk or 01483 743819. 

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