Knaphill’s First Eco Shop

Written by local resident Kate Kett

I decided that now was the time to start offering local people the chance to refill without having to make a special journey.

Kate Kett, owner of Kate’s Eco Shop

Starting something like Kate’s Eco Shop is an idea I’ve had for a few years but for various reasons hadn’t pursued. This year has been great for Woking with Bare + Fair and Refill and Refuel opening in the town centre and Noel’s Farm Shop expanding his range. Unfortunately living in Knaphill I don’t often get to those places and it’s the same with a lot of people I know. Whilst people comment about Knaphill’s variety of shop it does have everything I need on a regular basis with Post Office, library, pharmacy and many more.

So I decided that now was the time to start offering local people the chance to refill without having to make a special journey. I have always been interested in environmental issues and since my first son was born 8 years ago and working part time I’ve had time to get involved in a variety of environmental volunteering opportunities including setting up Woking Nappy Library giving people a chance to try out cloth nappies as an alternative to disposables before committing to buy them which I still run.

In the shop we have a variety of toiletry and cleaning products available to refill, just bring along your old container (or another suitable one), they are all ecofriendly brands. We also have a variety of loose foodstuffs and some other food items. The vast majority are organic as this method of farming helps to protect our environment in a variety of ways. There are also recycled household products, reusable menstrual products, and locally made upcycled cloth products.

Opening hours are currently 2 days a week but I am hoping to extend as and when I can. Thursday’s are 9am-11am perfect for visiting straight after the school run. Saturday’s are 10am to midday.

Please contact me if you have any questions or visit me at the shop to see the range I offer.

Facebook @katesecoshop

Instagram @kates_eco_shop

Located at Eddystone, Chobham
Road, Knaphill, GU21 2TD
Thursday’s 9am-11am
Saturday’s 10am-12pm

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