Knaphill Village Show Cancelled

It is with great sadness that the Knaphill Village Show organising committee have decided to cancel the 2020 Show, due to take place on Saturday 18th July, 2020, at Mizen’s Railway.

Whilst we are all remaining very positive and hopeful that the lockdown will be over by then, we cannot be assured that it will be the case. We are just getting to the organisation stage of having to spend money on different elements of it, and as such, now seems like a good time to put the brakes on, as many local events are doing the same.

As the Show is run by volunteers and operates on a not for profit basis (as does the Residents Association who organise it) we cannot, in clear conscience make financial commitments for a Show that might not be able to take place.

We hope you understand, and that you will join us on Saturday 17th July, 2021, when we really hope to celebrate in style!

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