Knaphill Care are recruiting a new Secretary to the Committee – Volunteers are invited to get in touch

Knaphill Care is our local Knaphill “Good Neighbour Scheme”. It offers help to residents finding everyday tasks difficult: help with shopping, transport to doctors and hospital appointments, collecting prescriptions and small DIY jobs.  Volunteers give an occasional hour or two to help others in the community and the help they give is a vital source of independence to many local residents.

Knaphill Care is eager to hear from people who would like to become Knaphill Care Volunteers, especially drivers willing to take someone to a local appointment.  They also need help from non-drivers, to be an occasional ‘Duty Officer’, answering calls to the Help Line from local people, and then finding a volunteer from the KC list to provide the help needed. There is no pressure to accept jobs. What you do is up to you and all expenses incurred are reimbursed.

Right now Knaphill Care is looking for someone with secretarial experience to step into the role of Secretary to the Committee. The recruit could focus on the role of Secretary; they may not wish to get involved with being a Volunteer or a Duty Officer. The Committee meets about four times a year. This job would be ideal for someone who likes to help ‘behind the scenes’ and who has administrative experience.

For further information about general volunteering or the particular role of Secretary please telephone Margaret Stammers on 01483 797422.


You can make a real and important contribution to the local community by giving up just a little of your time.  To find out more about Knaphill Care, the role of the Volunteers and the kinds of help on offer, see their pages on the Window on Woking Community website:

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