Peer Productions’ The Alcohol Project – Powerful and entertaining

Knaphill’s very own Peer Productions have put on another emotionally charged and engaging production, this time tackling the hard hitting issue of alcoholism.

Performed at their small theatre in Trinity Road and aimed at the teenage market, the group have created and developed an incredibly powerful play that directly grabs the issues of alcoholism and the unintended damage it does to those around. Right from the emotive opening, through light-hearted musicality and clever linkage between scenes, the production never lets up and moves seamlessly between the range of issues faced by alcoholics, their families and the homeless.

It tells the story through Hazel, Bunty and Tom, 3 people thrown together at a hospital A&E department with their guide a homeless alcoholic with a certain mystic quality. The characters are well ranged and believable despite all being very young as actors and they show incredible maturity and talent.

As a small theatre group, the actors play a range of parts, quickly shifting between guises that doesn’t detract from the flow. All the more impressive is that the production is shown in a ‘transparent theatre’ method – the viewers get to see the effort put in as the actors not only have to remember their lines and positions, but also operate sound equipment, lights and stage props, with which they have been very inventive! It’s a testament to the company that it all goes off without a hitch. Barring a small tumble from the stage of course.

For me, there are overtures of Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’ within this play, which is no bad thing, and it hits you right between the eyes; the story is based on actual research of true events and that comes across to the viewer as being recognisable in both ourselves and in those around us. Both informative and truly entertaining, if you get the chance to see it then you should. This is a very accomplished and grown up event that I believe is of more benefit than anything the NHS appear to be doing to tackle alcoholism; maybe they should be hiring Peer Productions?



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