Sainsbury’s of Redding Way play the planning game

At the end of November beginning of December all the efforts of the KRA committee members and Ward Councillors were directed to trying to get strong conditions imposed on Sainsbury’s as they pushed forward with the their plans for an extension to their store in Redding Way. Representatives for Sainsbury’s were making all the right noises about wanting to build good relations with the residents who live close to the store.


In the meantime the store management erected a large marquee in the service yard. This came to our attention because local residents were again disturbed at night due to the increased activity in the service yard. Residents complained to WBC hoping and believing that an enforcement officer would instruct Sainsbury’s to remove the marquee as it breached the conditions under which the store received their initial planning permission.


The marquee remained and Sainsbury’s had the audacity to apply for retrospective planning consent. Agents for Sainsbury’s wrote to WBC on 9 December with this request and according to the WBC web site it was logged on 13 December, the day when the Planning Committee resumed their consideration of the extension plans but the Planning Officer failed to notify the Committee of this request for retrospective consent.


We hope that the application for retrospective consent is put to the Planning Committee and that the Councillors ask the questions we would like answers too.


Why didn’t WBC have Sainsbury’s remove the marquee after residents complained about the disturbance?


If, like we believe, the marquee is in breach of the conditions for the operation of the store why was it allowed to stand for the whole of the Christmas period?


If what we have reported proves to be correct then the Council should impose sanctions on the store for their reckless behaviour.



Phillip Stubbs (Secretary)

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