New streetlights for the county

Councillor Melanie Whitehand has let us know of a streetlight replacement scheme across Surrey. In the email it says –

Surrey County Council (SCC) are replacing all street lights across the County. 

Street lights in Conservation Areas require further consideration as street furniture contributes to the character and setting.
All street lights in Conservation Areas have been reviewed, many are standard lights, but some are Victorian lanterns or swan necked.
SCC have advised that in Conservation Areas around 75% of replacement lights will be in a traditional style (a picture is included in the attachment.)
If Skanska who are installing the lights find a street light which is an outstanding specimen, they will contact Geoff McManus.
He will then email the relevant Ward Councillor and the Corporate Management Group for any comments on the replacement street light.
The County have advised that the installations will take place in the next 2-3 months.
There is more information in the attached report.
Please contact me if you would like further information, or Geoff McManus ( or 01483 743707.)
If it is regarding installation of street lights email Skanska:
The contact at SCC is Paul Smith or ring 07500 040480.
Best wishes
Claire Beaumont
Senior Planning Policy Projects Officer
Woking Borough Council
Tel:    01483 743267

The new lights will look something like this in conservation areas

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