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Release of Distraction Burglar
An offender known for previous distraction burglaries across the Woking area is due to be released this week. She is described as a white female, aged 30, medium build, 5ft 7 in height, black shoulder length hair and talks with a southern accent. She has been known to con her way into the homes of elderly residents by pretending she is pregnant and needs the toilet or a glass of water, she has had her purse stolen and needs to use the phone, her car has broken down and needs water for the radiator. Once in the homes she then steals cash and jewellery. It has also been known for her to work with an unidentified male.
Please do not let anyone into your home unless you are expecting them. If you are unsure, ask them to wait outside while you call a friend or neighbour to assist you. If you have elderly or vulnerable members of the community in your road keep an eye out for them and let them know you are willing to help them if they experience such incidents.

Please find below your weekly Neighbourhood Watch Crime Bulletin.


Friday the 3rd of August 2012Thursday the 9th of August 2012


In Your Area


I have to report that in the last week the following crime/crimes occurred in or near to your area.



Crime Reference WK/12/4697 – Between the hours of 17:20 and 17:25 on Sunday the 5th of August 2012 a vehicle parked on the driveway of a property in CONNAUGHT ROAD, BROOKWOOD had items stolen from it.


During this time the offender/offenders gained entry to the vehicle as the window may have been left open. Once in they managed to steal a sat nav and cash.


Please do not leave any valuables in your vehicle and always lock it, even if you are only leaving it unattended for a few minutes. It only takes a few seconds for an offender to seize an opportunity.



Crime Reference WK/12/4713 – At approximately 11:56 on Tuesday the 7th of August 2012 a property in GUILDFORD ROAD, KNAPHILL was subject to a BURGLARY.


During this time the offender/offenders gained access to the unoccupied property by forcing open the rear doors. Once in they then managed to jewellery, electrical items and a number of silver items. During the incident a witness saw two males placing boxes into a vehicle near to the scene. The first male was described as white, aged 35 to 40, shaved head, pale complexion, slim build, wearing a dark coloured t-shirt. The second male is described as white, aged 35 to 40, shaved head, pale complexion, slim build. The vehicle they got into is thought to be a silver Volkswagen saloon.



The majority of burglaries that are committed occur at the rear of properties. For this reason it is important to deter access into your back gardens. Gates should be closed and locked at all times when not in direct use. Deter the scaling of gates and fences by adding trellis to the tops of them.

Please make sure all doors and windows are closed and locked when not in direct use. Please don’t think that because you are only popping out for a moment that it won’t happen to you!

Consider the installation of an intruder alarm in your home. Any alarm installed should ideally conform to standard BS EN 50131 and should be fitted by a company that is NSI (National Security Inspectorate) or SSAIB (Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board) approved. Details of such companies can be found at www.nsi.org.uk or www.ssaib.co.uk



Crime Reference WK/12/4749 – Between the hours of 12:00 and 12:30 on Wednesday the 8th of August 2012 a vehicle parked in GREENWOOD ROAD, KNAPHILL had its registration plates stolen.


Criminals will often steal vehicle registration plates to place on their own vehicles in order to carry out other criminal activities in an attempt to go undetected. Protect your registration plates by securing them to your vehicle with tamper proof screws and bolts. Visit www.safe-plates.co.uk for further information.



If you feel that you have witnessed any incident that may relate to the above crime/crimes please call 101 quoting the relevant crime number.


Can you please circulate the details of the crimes to the members of your watch if you think it will be of value. Remember that if you have elderly or vulnerable residents in your road this information may frighten them so be careful how you deliver this message.


Yours Sincerely


Mark Saunders

Crime Prevention Design Advisor

Woking Borough

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