Alpha Hospitals Rose Lodge

A planning application to permit Alpha Hospital group to build a care home on the site of the old Rose Lodge that stood between Redding Way and Barton Close has been approved. Last week the management team from Alpha ran a number of briefing sessions to explain to local people the hospitals plans for this new building. The KRA was invited and attended but we understand that one of these briefings was for residents who live close to the site and we would welcome any feedback from anyone who attended any of those meetings.

One of our concerns is with the disruption that will cause to residents in Barton Close during the construction period which could last at least six months. We have asked WBC if the larger deliveries of building material could be offloaded from Redding Way rather having very long vehicles trying to manoeuvre down Barton Close. We will add a note to our web site if we get any feedback both from residents or WBC on deliveries.

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