Lawson’s Fields and The Mound

Following on from the hedgerows post here, we have more news.

In previous articles we have given details of the actions taken by the landowner or tenant to the boundaries of the fields and footpaths that surround The Priory Hospital. We are still monitoring developments in that part of Knaphill / Bisley. As reported elsewhere on our web Surrey County Council has placed a stop notice on anyone dumping or removing soil or hard core from the site and we wait to see what action SCC recommends with regards to the material that has already been dumped on one of the fields.

We have also raised questions on the protection given to ‘The Mound’. This is the wooded area between Chobham Road and The Priory, we must point out that this land is not owned by The Priory. We are given to understand that our questions on protection of ‘The Mound’ have been passed to the appropriate officers at County Hall; again we wait for a response. Finally we hope that one of our local Councillors can arrange a meeting with the new tenant so that we can report to him on the comments we have received from residents and give the tenant the opportunity to explain his long-term plans for the fields and ‘The Mound’.

One Comment on “Lawson’s Fields and The Mound

  1. Does anybody know when Mr McGee is intending to remove the building rubble deposited in the field behind the Priory Hospital? I would be a travesty to have it done during the rainy season!!!


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