Committee meeting minutes February 2013

Agreed Minutes 06 February 2013 – Kings House Coffee Shop

Attendees: – John Butler (chairman), Rachel Varney, Debbie Harlow, Andy Hills,

Neville Hinks, Phil Stubbs.


Apologies: – Ann Mason, Antony Polak, Martin Dunham, Tony Hayes-Allen


Prior to the formal meeting we held our first open house, four residents plus Cllr. Melanie Whitehand called in.


  1. Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on 16 January were approved and agreed for publication.


  1. Matters Arising

All action points are covered by the agenda items and will be covered under their own heading.


  1. Projects

Nothing new to report.


  1. Village meeting

The panel members, 3 Borough Councillors, 1 County Councillor) had agreed to participate. Kate Wilson cannot make the event but her boss, Geoff McManus has accepted an invitation. Jonathan Lord MP has informed Cllr. Hussain that he is free and would like to attend. It was agreed that two seats would be reserved on the front row for Jonathan and Cllr Kingsbury.


E-mail address for questions has been set up and Richard has stated that he will accept written questions posted through the church letter box. The posters are available from Andy’s e-mail.


Committee members are asked to arrive at the school around 6.30 to help set out the hall.


Action points: Phil to check if the hall is fitted with a PA system.

Phil to send details to local papers,

Debbie to supply bottled water for chairman and panel members


  1. AGM

It was agreed that the AGM should be held on Wednesday 24 April. Venue has yet to be arranged, the preference is the Methodist Church Hall. It was also agreed that we should invite Ian Wakeford to give a presentation based on his historic guide to lower Knaphill.


Action points: Phil to try and find a hall and make contact with Ian Wakeford. Since the meeting the Methodist Church has confirmed that the hall is available.


  1. Brookwood Farm

Phil reported that the Planning Committee had approved the plans. John and Phil both confirmed that, in their opinion, Councillor’s on the Planning Committee were put under intense pressure from senior Council Officers not to defer the application for a period of time whilst they entered into a dialogue with Highways Authority to understand the true impact on Sparvell Road. The pressure continued as the vote to adopt the plans was put to the voite.


Since the Planning Committee meeting Phil has written to Head of Planning at WBC to try and obtain a clearer understanding of the figures.


  1. Planning Issues

15 High Street; demolition of the Clifton’s premises and the adjoining bungalow is now complete.

Sainsbury’s Redding Way; We await a date for when the plans will go before the Planning Committee.

Total Fuel Station, High Street; The owners of the fuel station have applied for a 24 hour licence to sell alcohol. This application will be vigorously opposed.


8. Membership Secretary Report

Ann stated that she would hope to start the renewal letters soon, Rachel offered Ann her assistance.


9. Chairman’s Report

John stated that his items had been covered by earlier agenda items.


10. Treasurer’s Report

John confirmed that he will shortly start to complete the accounts.


11. Secretary’s Report

Secretary’s report circulated prior to meeting and will be attached to the minutes.

11.1 Local Schools; Item carried forward to the next meeting.


12. Editor’s Report

Various members of the committee were working on articles on ‘local heroes’. Andy stated that he required these as soon as possible. Andy also suggested that we invite Mel Foster to contribute an article, committee agreed.


Action point: All members to suggest local heroes and either write an article themselves or contact someone who is able to write an article.


14. Date of next meetings

13th March 2013. Meeting to be held at Garibaldi starting at 7.45pm

17th April 2013. Meeting will be held at Kings House and will be preceded by Open House.


Meeting closed












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