Total back on the case

You will recall that recently Total garage in the village centre withdrew an application for a 24hr alcohol licence after discovering they weren’t actually allowed to be open for 24 hrs a day… Well they also said they were looking at other avenues and it appears they have found

They have submitted an application to vary condition 6 of the existing permissions to allow the garage to open 6am to midnight. The new planning application is number PLAN/2013/0202 but at this point in time there are no additional details on the WBC website.

Frankly, with so much disturbance in the village being attributed to alcohol-fuelled activity, it would be a disappointment to see this granted. In a village of this size do we really need so many outlets for alcohol sales outside of the 5 public houses we already have?

A better move from the council would be to refuse this application and restrict alcohol sales from ALL  retail outlets within the village to 11am – 10pm. I wonder if it will happen?

Our letter to WBC is here

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