New Arrival at the Mizens Railway

Local residents in Knaphill had a surprise on Thursday morning when a
huge low loader transporting a full size steam locomotive tender was
skillfully maneuvered down Littlewick Road and into Barrs Lane.

Discovered recently in a Doncaster scrapyard, where it had been hidden
under piles of old lorries and cars for more than 20 years, the 52 tons
tender was being taken to Mizens Railway for restoration and display.

Project Leader Ken Livermore said that the tender was built by the London
& North Eastern Railway more than 60 years ago. Tenders of this type were
used to provide coal and water for express trains for more than 30 years.
Despite it’s age and its many years out of service, the tender is still in reasonably
good shape and, being one of the very few of this type left in the UK, it is a very
worthy candidate for preservation.

The Mizens Railway are open for miniature train rides every Sunday from
2 – 5pm from the beginning of May to the end of September. Further details
can be found on the website :


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