Committee meeting minutes March 2013

Attendees: – John Butler (chairman), Rachel Varney, Debbie Harlow, Martin Dunham, Tony Hays-Allen, Andy Hills, Neville Hinks, Antony Polak, Phil Stubbs.

Apologies: – Ann Mason

  1. Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on 6 February were approved and agreed for publication.

  1. Matters Arising

All action points are covered by the agenda items and will be covered under their own heading.

  1. Projects

Nothing new to report.

  1. Village meeting

Over 40 residents attended the village meeting. Everyone agreed that Rev. Richard Sherlock did an excellent job as chairman and thanks have been passed to all those who formed the panel. The feedback has been positive with Sergeant Lea of Surrey Police being given specific praise.

  1. AGM

The AGM will be held on Wednesday 24 April in the Methodist Hall, The Broadway.

John, Phil and Andy agreed to stand for re-election in their current positions, chairman, secretary and editor & IT respectfully.

There are vacancies for vice chairman and treasurer. John plans to meet with all committee members on an individual basis prior to the AGM.

There are no special items, no proposed changes to the KRA constitution therefore a standard agenda planned.

Action points: Debbie to contact The Cabin to see if they want a stall to advertise what they are doing.

Ann to be asked to mount a membership stand.

  1. Brookwood Farm

Although the planning application for the building of 297 new dwellings on land at Brookwood Farm had been agreed against objections from residents and the two local Councillors one of the major issues, roads, has been raised at the Surrey County Council Local Committee. A suggestion from SCC that a study of the congestion on the A322 around the Brookwood Cross roads corridor should commence in 2015 was rejected by the Committee who felt that the work was far more urgent. The Committee called on SCC to conduct the study of the A322 as soon as possible with the objective of reporting back in 12 months’ time, Local Committee in March 2014. In addition the study into the traffic flows the Committee asked SCC to look for means of financing any identified improvements to the road network,

  1. Planning Issues

15 High Street; Work has started on the development of the site and this had caused severe congestion in the High Street. There have been large trucks parked in bus bays and low loaders parked on the pedestrian crossing whilst they unload building material. The police and Planning Enforcement Officers from WBC have attended the site to remind the developers of their need to minimize any interference with traffic flows and respect pedestrians trying to go about their daily business.

Sainsbury’s Redding Way; the plans from Sainsbury’s to planning conditions are scheduled to be discussed at the next meeting of WBC’s Planning Committee. The main item is the enclosure of the service yard. From reading the Planning Officers report key background papers have not been made available to the general public and given that the Council have recognised less than 10 letters from members of the public there will not be an opportunity for a member of the public to speak. Contact has been made with local Councillors.

The Vyne PLAN/2013/0158 WBC has submitted plans to build an extension at the Vyne. The purpose of the extension is to provide a ‘Wellbeing Room’ (Dementia care centre). Secretary to write to WBC not objecting to the planned use of this proposed extension but to clarify as to whether this would be the best use of this land.

Almond Villas Workmen have been clearing the grounds on the Broadway, the site has outline planning permission for up to 10 houses, and we await sight of the detailed planning application.

Princess Royal Barracks, Deepcut PLAN/2012/1196 a planning application had been passed from Surrey Heath to WBC for comment. The application is to build 1200 new dwellings. WBC did not refer the application to the Planning Committee but returned the application to Surrey Heath with no objections or observations.

8. Membership Secretary Report

Phil reported that all the membership renewal forms had been distributed and completed forms were now coming in. John reported that 50 members had renewed via direct debit.

9. Chairman’s Report

John stated that his items had been covered by earlier agenda items.

10. Treasurer’s Report

John presented the accounts for last year.

11. Secretary’s Report

Phil reported that Jonathan Lord MP had informed the village meeting that 600 troops would be arriving in Pirbright from barracks in Europe. We understand that a battalion of Welsh Guards will be transferred to Pirbright later this year. This is a long term positing and therefore the troops will be joined by their families.

Action items Phil to ask SCC of the implications on local schools of this increase in the population of Pirbright Barracks.

12. Editor’s Report

Andy reported that the new magazine had been received from the printers and distribution will commence next week. The plan to include articles on local heroes has been carried forward due to lack of finished material.

13. Any Other Business

John reported that he had received a letter from a member of a group that had been raising money for a new library, she was asking what had happened to that money. Neville stated that the business was in hand and it was hoped that the money will go into activities related to the library and reading.

Debbie asked if it was planned to hold further surgeries prior to Committee meetings. John stated that the plan was to hold every alternative meeting at the Kings House Coffee shop and that when the Committee met at Kings House the first 45 minutes (7.00pm to 7.45pm) would be an open surgery. These surgeries may be shared with the police.

It was agreed that the surgeries would require village wide advertising.

14. Date of next meetings

17th April 2013. Meeting will be held at Kings House and will be preceded by Open House.

15th May 2013 Meeting will be held at Garibaldi starting at 7.45pm


Meeting closed


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