Committee meeting minutes April 2013

Agreed Minutes

Attendees: – John Butler (chairman), Debbie Harlow, Ann Mason, Mandy Olrod,

Andy Hills, Tony Hayes-Allen, Neville Hinks, Antony Polak, Phil Stubbs.

Apologies: – Rachel Carney, Martin Dunham.


  1. Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on 13 March were approved and agreed for publication.

  1. Matters Arising

All action points are covered by the agenda items and will be covered under their own heading.

  1. Projects
    1. Village Show

John welcomed Mandy to the meeting. Mandy has taken on responsibility for the stall holders at the village show. Mandy reported that she had been in contact with Harding’s Garage, they were disappointed that they had not been invited to last year’s show. Ann stated that she had received a voucher for a free MOT from Harding’s, it came with the membership fee. It was agreed that Harding’s, if they wish to have a stand at this year’s show, pay the standard fee and they may wish to use the MOT voucher as a prize.

Mandy reported that Knaphill/Brookwood NCT will be providing baby changing facilities.

John gave Mandy a copy of the budget.

Action points

John to provide Mandy with a receipt book.


  1. AGM

Phil circulated draft Agenda, draft minutes of the 2012 meeting and his draft secretaries report.

John reported that Debbie had offered to stand as vice-chairman. All members of the committee were willing to stand for the coming year.

There was some concern as to whether we would have sufficient members present to provide a quorum. The number of members to make a quorum was 35.

Members of the Committee were asked to arrive at the church hall by 6.45 pm to assist in setting up the room.

  1. Brookwood Farm

Phil reported that he had been unable to obtain confirmation that the study of the A322 had been approved by the SCC Cabinet member for Transport.

Planning Issues

Separate report circulated at the meeting.

8. Membership Secretary Report

Ann reported that membership currently stood at 202. Confirmation letters to those who had renewed would be distributed ASA. Phil offered to assist with delivery.

9. Chairman’s Report

John stated that his items had been covered by earlier agenda items.

10. Treasurer’s Report

Nothing new to report.

11. Secretary’s Report

With regards to the transfer of the Welsh Guards to Pirbright, Phil reported that SCC had informed him that there would be a delay in the transfer as living quarters at Pirbright required a considerable amount of repair. Troops are not expected to transfer until April 2014 at the earliest. On schools SCC had reported that from the data supplied by the MOD local schools would be able to cope with the influx of new students when the transfer actually takes place.,

12. Editor’s Report

Andy reported that although the last edition included a number of negative stories the feedback had been positive. The next edition would be published in June. Andy also reported that he was still looking for someone to take on the role of web master.

14. Date of next meetings

15th May 2013 Meeting will be held at Garibaldi starting at 7.45pm

19th June 2013 Meeting to be held at Kings House Coffee Shop at 7.45pm


Meeting closed


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