Parking in Knaphill is it an issue?

A report on on-street parking was presented at last month’s meeting of Surrey County Council’s Local Committee for Woking. The report contained SCC’s proposals for changes to on-street parking in and around Woking. The report states that the County Council’s parking team had carried out a review of on-street parking restrictions within the Borough and had identified changes which would benefit road safety and reduce instances of obstruction and localised congestion. The report goes on to state that the starting point of the study was an assessment of over 130 requests for parking restrictions from residents, councillors and emergency services! The report then breaks the whole of Woking down into specific areas and Knaphill, I assume, came under the heading Woking South West. I say assume because there was not a single mention of Knaphill. Does this mean that the County Council are completely happy with the level of parking on pavements, especially in the High Street, and with the congestion and accidents caused by cars and delivery vehicles parking outside the approved areas? I am pleased to report that the County Councillors who represent Brookwood and Knaphill rejected the section of the report covering our area. So if you have any views on street parking in Knaphill I suggest you contact or

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