Police NW update 11/7/2013

Friday the 5th July 2013 – Thursday the 11th of July 2013

In Your Area

I have to report that in the last week the following crimes occurred in or near to your area.


Crime Reference WK/13/3984 – Between 00:40 and 07:40 on Friday the 5th of July a car parked in HIGH STREET, KNAPHILL had a wing mirror smashed.

Crime Reference WK/13/4047 – Between 19:30 on Sunday the 7th of July and 08:00 on Monday the 8th July a car parked in INKERMAN ROAD, KNAPHILL had all four tyres slashed.


Crime Reference WK/13/4063 – Between 00:00 and 00:15 on Tuesday the 9th of July the telephone kiosk at the junction of  AMIS ROAD and HERMITAGE ROAD, KNAPHILL was damaged and money stolen.


Crime Reference WK/13/4076 – Between the hours of 09:10 and 15:10 on Wednesday the 10th of July a vehicle parked in SUSSEX ROAD, KNAPHILL was stolen.

Please remember not to leave any valuables in your vehicle and always lock it, even if you are only leaving it unattended for a few minutes. It only takes a few seconds for an offender to seize an opportunity.

Can you please circulate the details of these crimes to the members of your watch if you think it will be of value. Remember that if you have elderly or vulnerable residents in your road this information may frighten them so please be careful how you deliver this message.

If you have any queries please feel free to email me. As I’m only in the office on Wednesday and Friday mornings I may not be able to respond immediately, however, I’ll be sure to reply as soon as I can.

Yours Sincerely

Arthur Brown

Neighbourhood Watch Volunteer

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