Development of old library site

Woking Borough Council has published the revised planning application for this site (PLAN/2014/0215). The application calls for the demolition of the old library and the building of a three storey apartment block. The building will contain 9 apartments, 3 apartments will have two bedrooms, suitable for 4 people per apartment and 6 apartments will have 1 bedroom, suitable for 2 people.

Those who have been following the Council’s plans for this site will know that the original plans were withdrawn and Belfour Beatty on behalf of Thamesway held a public consultation to listen to residents views. They clearly ignored the comments they received because there is limited change to the number of people they wish to squeeze into the new building.

The planning application continues to use the new building opposite (Tesco’s plus 12 apartments) as the model to follow.

The proposed block for the library site will only have access from the High Street, no dedicated parking and the smallest of gardens at the rear.

A sardine tin is still a sardine tin even if you change the outer cover, and that is what the people will feel like, living in a sardine can, if the Council go ahead with the proposed plan.

This application is down to the Council, it is there land and Thamesway are the Council’s agent so if this monstrosity is built then there is only the Council to blame.

Residents can voice their opinion direct to the Council either in writing to the Planning Office or online via You can also contact your local Councillors; Melanie Whitehand, Richard Sharp and Saj Hussain. If you do comment make sure you include the reference number PLAN/2014/0215.

Phil Stubbs

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