Gaming Parody Launched to Support Peer Productions

Today fledgling indie game company Not Games release NGTAV, an affectionate satire of Grand Theft Auto V, last years best selling game. Every member of the NotGames team credits Peer Productions with having had a transformational effect on their lives, and say they are determined that the charity’s amazing work should continue. 100% of the profits from NotGTAV will be donated to Peer Productions.

After learning of Peer Productions recent struggle for funding a resolute group of former students and current staff have come together to create NotGames, an imaginative approach to fundraising.

The team have put their creativity to work developing a humorous, hand drawn, 20 minute gaming romp along the M4 corridor, available to buy for Windows PC (XP upwards). Every element of the game has been created by the team, from the deliberately naive graphics style to the sound effects and music which are all made using only the voices of the team. NotGTAV has several difficulty modes ranging from Wii Mode (the easiest) to Dark Souls Mode (probably impossible).

NotGTAV is available on a “Give what you want” deal. Purchasers can select any price from 10p upwards, although the suggested donation is £1.99.

NotGTAV features three characters – Daffyd, a Welsh farmer with a dodgy caravan site; Darren, a wannabe gangsta who hangs out in the LIDL car park, Swindon; and David Cameron, a Prime Minister of diminishing credibility.When playing as David Cameron, the player will be running over (among others) benefit scroungers, public sector workers, and liberals.

Peer Productions is the UK’s leading peer education arts charity. We work with young people and vulnerable groups to create educational theatre and film focusing on social issues such as teen pregnancy, domestic violence and homophobia. Since opening our doors in 2006 Peer Productions have reached over 70,000 young people, more than 17,000 in the last year alone.

To reach their funding target Not Games need to 15,000 copies of NotGTAV at the suggested donation of £1.99.

NotGTAV is on Sale now at

Thank you for your support

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