Planning Update – 04 October 2014

Summer is over and developers have been sharpening their pens with their desire to build yet more houses in Knaphill.

PLAN/2014/0938 128 High Street. Earlier this year a planning application to demolish 126/128 High Street and build four new houses and a block containing two flats was approved. This new application is to retain 126 and 128 and build 3 houses in the rear garden of No. 128. Access to the new houses would require the demolition of the extension to 128 and its garage.

It would appear that the developer has been unable to get the owners of 126 to sell and therefore this modified application has been submitted. We now have a planning application which is a pure garden grab and the proposed new houses will overlook the school’s open-air swimming pool.

PLAN/2014/0895 Waterers Rise Knaphill. This s a planning application from Woking Borough Council. They want to demolish 11 unused garages and build 3 affordable houses.

PLAN/2014/1026 60 Chobham Road. Installation of vehicular crossover/dropped kerb.

PLAN/2014/0980 114 Robin Hood Road. Proposed 2 storey side and part ground floor extension following demolition of existing garage.

PLAN/2014/1023 28 Swallow Rise. Build a single storey side extension.

A full planning report will be added next week.

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