Website update

The keen eyed among you will notice you can’t find anything where it used to be and things just look odd.

There’s a good reason for this – the website was in need of a refresh and a bit of a revamp. Lots of reasons but I won’t bore you with them.

I’ve tried to keep the change in visual impact quite small and so it remains a light theme and a similar layout. Hopefully it’s quite clear visually but if you can’t read something easily then do leave a comment. There’s a news ‘ticker’ at the top of the homepage, this ticks through the latest posts, and the main menu navigation is now simpler. You might also notice it looks different on mobile devices than it does on a desktop pc – it’s intentional I promise!

The front or home page has a changing slider at the top which picks out new posts to rotate through and the rest of the page is divided into sections – Knaphill Community – Planning – Meeting Minutes – Memory Lane – Policing. The order of these is likely to change.

It will evolve over time with a few additional changes and features that will ultimately provide a rich source of Knaphill information. One thing I should point out is that with the change to the front page, the ‘Quicklinks’ have moved. They now appear on EVERY page but at the bottom in the footer.

Of course we always want guest submissions so if you want to get posting just ask away or send something in.

I’d love to see more people using social media within the village (that goes for the businesses too!) so do make use of the sharing buttons you’ll see beneath each page or post (they’re the funny multi-coloured thingies down there). Together we can spread the good word – that Knaphill can be great!!

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